Sunday, 12 December 2010

11th December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree ......

What have I accomplished over the last week or so? I have managed to buy nearly all my presents. I have completed a mountain of cards and got most of them written and posted. I have NOT got the lounge ready for Christmas yet, and as for the dining room .....

My tree (when it goes up) is themed. I always choose a colour scheme. This started way back when I saw some delicious purple baubles and green baubles and couldnt choose which colour I liked best, so bought both and they looked great on the tree! I also worked in The Army & Navy department store for a short while and saw how they used single colours in their Christmas displays. They sold off their lights afterwards, so the following year I had a gold theme! Over the years I have changed the colours I use. In 1999, as we approached the new millenium, there were some multi coloured decorations with a silver base that I loved so bought a load. The following year I added a few more silver and slowly as the years passed they changed to frosty colours and now this year its going to be silver and white.

I would love to have a real tree, but a) they cost too much, b) they leave their needles all over the place even if you follow the instructions to keep them from dropping, and c) I dont agree with chopping a tree down just for a couple weeks pleasure. We had a real tree on our first Christmas, but when Leanne came along I fretted about her getting the needles in her hands so opted for a fake one and thats what we have had ever since.

One year I bought a black tree. it was huge! After a few years I got bored so Lorraine and I swapped one year. I had her white tree and she took my black tree. Eventually as most fake trees it started to look spindly so I got rid of it.

I found when we moved here to Billericay, a large tree took up a lot of space. It didnt seem to take up that much in our old home. The room measurements were the same but the room was laid out differently so could take the larger tree. Last year I bought a slim line one and it fits in the room perfectly.

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