Tuesday, 21 December 2010

12th December 2010

Tales of Christmas past . . . .

Christmas has always been a family time. It used to be just Christmas Day when we all lived close to one another, but after Lorraine moved away, we started having Boxing Day as a second Christmas Day.

Nowadays, although its lovely Christmas day with the dinner, etc its Boxing Day thats sacred. Thats when everyone is together. lorraine arrives with her two and this year, Leanne & John will be coming (having spent Christmas Day at Johns parents)

Occasionally I ring the changes slightly with Christmas dinner, but one thing I always have to make Boxing Day is the turkey salad. Lorraine adores it and says she looks forward to eating that as much as seeing all of us!! Years ago, it was mum who hosted BDay with turkey curry, but as I have the biggest home (and its not that big!), I do both Christmas and Boxing Days.

At least my Christmas tree is up now. I can start looking forward to the big day now I have twinkly lights!

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