Wednesday, 22 December 2010

14th December 2010

Tales of Christmas presents . . . . .

Today is all about how the presents are handed out. Years ago, we piled each of the childrens presents in their own area of the lounge. The "biggest" was usually not wrapped so they could see straight away what they had got. It seemed to add to the excitement for them. As they got older their presents got smaller, and it looked very lopsided, so I started scatterinmg the presents at random under the tree. I would allow Leanne and Colin to hand them out as they were that bit older than Sam if Steve was at work.

These days the presents get divided into two. Those for Christmas Day and those for Boxing Day. Its become a huge present opening time for us with family visiting on both days :o)

When the children were younger a present was left at the bottom of their beds, just a small token something to keep them occupied until the magical time of 6am arrived and they were allowed to come and 'wake' us up. It was fun to lay in bed and listen to the children whisoering to each other what they got. Again as they got older, that tradition chnaged slightly and it was stockings left at the end of their beds. Now they are all adults I have stopped doing that, as sometimes I am in bed before they get home!!

Its fun to think back on the Christmas traditions we had. I hope that in turn my children will continue these traditions adding to them as their own children grow.

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