Wednesday, 22 December 2010

18th December 2010

Menus please . . . . .

Use today's entry to document any or all of the
aspects of Christmas dinner, including:
-who does the shopping
I do
-what's on the shopping list
The one on Christmas Eve will be for fresh foods and lat minute bits I have forgotten or not been able to buy earlier
-who does the cooking
I do
-how long it takes
Maybe 4 hours from start to finish. Lots easier now I buy a turkey crown not a whole turkey
-what recipes are used
oh definately Turkey Salad on Boxing Day! Lorraine would never forgive me if I didnt! Also 'Joans Rice' (a family favourite since my good friend and adopted sister gave me the recipe )
-where those recipes came from
Turkey salad - from an old Del monte recipe booklet
-who comes to Christmas dinner
This year, 4 x Pearmains and 2 x Clows
-where you eat - whose house? What room?
Dining room, where else? Oh Boxing Day is a big buffet so whereever theres room!
-how long it takes you to eat dinner
we usually allow 2 hours from start to finish

To sum up, I  do most of it with contributions from other family members. I do all the washing up on Christmas Day as I use my best china and dont trust Steve to not chip it ! But Steve is allowed to wash up in the evening and Boxing Day if he wishes :o)

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