Wednesday, 22 December 2010

19th December 2010

One more letter to post . . . . .

You've sorted presents, dinner, decorations and cards, but you've forgotten one very important thing! You haven't written to Father Christmas!

Dear Father Christmas,

I have been a bit good this year so am hoping for some lovely presents. I have tried to be kind to others and kept my mouth shut if someone upset me to keep the peace.

I'd really like the following:
  • a dongle for my new tv so I can watch iPlayer on it
  • various dvds Blurays! I can now watch my films in HD with the tv and my bluray plater bought for me for my birthday :o)
  • a fluffy scarf and gloves
  • the willpower to get slimmer (2011 is the year of slim)
  • a laptop - technically this was supposed to be a 50th birthday present but still waiting!
  • a fun filled Christmas with all my family

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