Sunday, 12 December 2010

1st December 2010

My Manifesto for Christmas 2010
I promise myself to enjoy this years JYC in preparation for the big day on 25th. I will be adding my thoughts to this Blog rather than scrapping the event in the hopes I can keep up with the prompts.
I want to remember throughout the year the joy I feel whenever its this time of year as I prepare to celebrate Christmas. I also promise myself that I will remember the true meaning of Christmas and try and bring the love of Christ to those around me.
Its already snowed this year, the earliest we have had snow in 17 years apparently. It was a good 4 inches deep as I ventured out yesterday morning to walk to work. It was fun walking in the snow as not many people had walked the paths as yet, meaning it wasnt too slippery. I watched with amusement as various cars tried to get up the steep hills. One in particular was revving al the way up. The smell and the smoke/steam coming from his car told me he had to at least have burned his clutch out.
Walking home however was not so nice as it was dark and the pavements were slushy. I was glad to get home into the warm

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