Thursday, 23 December 2010

21st December 2010

A bit of reality . . . .

Todays prompt is to take a pic of what the house looks like right now. Well as I have just done the dining room I will add a couple of those. It looks so pretty now its all clean and tidy and I keep looking at it!

 The photo on the left is with a flash, the photo on the right without so a bit dark. the big cardboard box in the photo is one of Sams presents - theres nowhere else to hide it other than in plain sight!

Todayʼs dose of reality is meant to remind me that Christmas will be here very, very soon. No matter how much I do or do not have left to do, I'm to make sure to take time to enjoy the next few days and the Christmas spirit. Well, now the dining room is ready I think I can do that!

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