Thursday, 23 December 2010

22nd December 2010

Making a list . . . . .

Use today's entry to get yourself a definitive list of what still needs to be done

Well, I have two lists on the kitchen door for this task. One is a request list - for food mainly as a couple family members have asked for specific items of food if possible.  The other list is a list of food still to buy, mainly fresh bought on Christmas Eve.

Any other jobs I need to do to prepare for the big day are the usual . . . housework housework housework!

  • clean the kitchen
  • clean the bathroom and downstairs loo
  • keep dining room tidy (difficult with Steve wanting to hang his coats on the chairs!)
  • tidy lounge
  • hoover stairs and bedrooms
  • put up guest bed and add bedding
Not too much to do as long as I get the support from my family of course!

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