Friday, 24 December 2010

24th December 2010

Just one more day . . . . .

For some this is the start of Christmas. the Americans open gifts on Christmas eve I believe, but for me its much more about waiting for the big day itself! Sam has finally got his wish and has put his presents under the tree. He has quite a pile there for all of us :o) His main present from me and his dad is actually hidden in plain site. Its ahuge box which I doubt would even go through the bedroom door (where all the other presents are waiting), so I threw a table cloth over it and its sitting in the dining room! I'm sure he must have noticed, but I havent said anything . . . . and he hasnt said anything either!

Normally today I am busy baking and doing the last minute preparations for tomorrow, but this year I am lousy with a cough. I feel a bit strange about baking some mince pies when I am not well, but as we dont have any, I am going to make a few later. Just one batch. Dont feel up to doing much and apart from the mad dash to the shops early this morning (up at 5am as usual) I havent done much at all. Thankfully a lot of the tidying happened last week and earlier this week, otherwise I would be flat on my back with exhaustion by now.

I will lay the table up later today ready for tomorrow, which is always the last thing I do in preparation for Christmas Day.

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