Sunday, 12 December 2010

2nd December 2010

Oh the weather outside is . . . . .

This is a chance to chat about the weather. Winter is certainly here, with another dumping of snow today. It was about three inches deep this morning (where it had been cleared yesterday), but having snowed all day today its more like 10 inches today. This was my walk to work ....

I finished work at 2pm, so now can have some fun with the snow and enjoy its beauty. Thats got to be a perk of living in the northern hemisphere, I love that we get cold frosty mornings or snow. Christmas wasnt the same when we lived in Australia and it was usually hot. I remember vividly mum insisting on giving us the full turkey roast and all the trimmings. It may have been sweltering outside, but inside the Clow home it was a traditional cold Christmas (probably thanks to the fans running at full speed!)

On my way home from work I took a few pics of the road, and then
when I got in, I grabbed my camera and when snappy mad for a few minutes

The icicle which I noticed yesterday for the first time outside Colins window has grown, its pretty much double the length it was.
Its been snowing all day, still is and tonight now its dark, its very cold. I looked out the window and the deep tracks Steve and I made in the snow in the back garden have almost filled already. Will measure it all again tomorrow

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