Sunday, 12 December 2010

5th December 2010

How many days to go? ......

Todays prompt deals with the countdown to Christmas, and in particular how do I count the days? As a child I was enamoured by the glittery advent calenders that were available then. None of these chocolate calenders! It was an exciting moment to open the window and see what picture lay beneath. It was an innocent time then, without the constant reminders on tv that you had to have the toy of the moment. Looking in wonder in a toy shop window could keep children occupied for hours if parents allowed it. My parents tell tales of me looking in shop windows and asking what items were. When asked to point at what I was looking at, I would wave my arms (indicating the whiole display) and say "t-h-a-t". Maybe I really was looking at everything?

Advent for me nowadays means making sure the boys have the right advent calender and trying to be prepared for the big day itself. I try and buy their favourite chocolate style. As for Leanne, now she is grown up and married, I chose a different kind. The kind she and John would appreciate - chocolate still the theme, but a deeper religious aspect that I know they would enjoy. Hence the Chocolate Advent Candle. It has a list of Christmas carols and scriptures related to the birth of the Saviour, one for every day of advent. Still a chocolate every day, but also a chance to stop a moment and reflect on what Christmas is really all about .....

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