Sunday, 12 December 2010

7th December 2010

Time to get organised .....

Todays prompt is all about lists. About this time every year, I start making a list of food I need to buy. There are certain essentials that I buy every year - mayo, peanuts, curry paste, pineapple ... the reason? If I dont make my turkey salad, my sister wants to know why! She says its the one thing she thinks about for about a week before travelling to us! One year I didnt make it for a change and Lorraine was so disappointed, so I darent not make it

I already have my list of gifts bought as I always forget what I have got already and end up overspending. I thought I had remembered everything this year, but when I did a wrapping stint the other day, I came across things I had forgotten!
I cant cope without my lists, they rule my life! Or at least my life falls apart coz I forget things, this is why I have a diary, in a way thats a list too!

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