Sunday, 12 December 2010

9th December 2010

Year after year .......

When we think of Christmas, we no doubt think of the little traditions that make our own holidays unique. Whether that be in the decorations, when and where presents are opened or the meals we prepare, our own Christmas quirks are certainly what makes the season special.

We had some fun traditions when I was younger. Every Christmas morning Lorraine and I had to wait until after 6am to rouse our parents. Then we had to wait until they were dressed before we got to go downstairs. Dad would always peek through the door and say "he hasnt been" That was our cue to shove poor dad out the way and charge into the lounge - he always had been of course! I loved that tradition so much, when Steve and I had children we did the same thing. I always stood back as our children pushed just as hard as I had done.

Another tradition was that mum always decorated the tree. She usually tried to do it when Lo and I were out and it was a magical moment when I walked through the door for the first time to see the lights and the decorations. it really was just like walking into Santas grotto. mum did a fabulous job and it was hard for me to get it right when I decorated my first tree. I realsied the time and effort mum put into doing hers every year

Christmas day has always been tv free in my family - apart from the Queens speach which we all sat and watched after Christmas dinner. I remember going to great pains to list all the programmes I wanted to watch when the children were small and set the video recorder. Then I spent many days playing catch up to see them all. Now I dont care so much. We also have iPlayer on the net so its easy to catch up with something.

Time has moved on and things are slightly different. We no longer sit to watch the Queen although she is still on. Last year we waited until after our dinner to open our presents. Way back when, they were all opened well before mid day! I relaxed the rule of sitting together as a family all day when the children got older. They get to go visit friends now if they wish. Boxing Day has become the sacred day with Lorraine driving down to stay for a few days. Of course now Leanne is married, she and John are visiting Johns family for Christams Day this year, so we wont see her until Boxing Day as well.

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