Monday, 5 December 2011

Wow, its been a month!

Well, not quite sure where that month went. Its been a full and busy time with Christmas creeping ever closer and me getting into a real flap about it.

I've finally started my presents. Theres a few bought items and a LOT of hand crafted items, which are still in the planning stage! Then there are the cards . . . .

I think I have been slow in starting as its so cold in the spare room where my table is. Theres a rad but it doesnt work properly. One day we'll get it sorted I could always do what I did last year and get the halogen heater down for the loft!

Today has been a very crafty day I am pleased to say. I spent most of the day working on the swap tags for UKPC. We got the inspiration from Tim Holtz and his 12 Tags of Christmas, which some of us would love to do too - wonder if I set the alarm for an hour or two earlier in the morning I'd find the extra time?? I must tidy the room once I am finished for the day, I have bits and pieces all over the place. Nothing worse than wanting to make something and having to tidy up first!

A picture will be following soon, but I have been frustrated by not being able to find one element I wanted to add to the tags. Another peril of a messy work room! That one element means I cant get the tags ready for posting which is so annoying! I really wanted to get them on their way before I go away at the end of the week for a couple days. Hubby and I off to see Bath Christmas Market. It had better be an improvement on the Rochester one, what a waste of petrol getting there that was!

Oh well, the hunt continues . . .

Update: I went straight back and found the elements I was after so as promised - the photo

See you in Craft land :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas is coming . . . .

I decided its no good moaning about the fact Christmas is creeping up on me, I needed ACTION! So pulled out all my yarns and patterns - I know they arent strictly PAPERcraft, but its a start :-)

I trawled YouTube last night looking for something in particular, watched the instruction video, and am now in process of making said item - from card/paper!

No photos yet, as part way constructed and I dont want recipient(s) seeing them before the big day, but I am pleased with result so far and am thinking of who else i can make this for!

Short one tonight as I want to get back to the knitting

See you in Craftland . . . . .

Friday, 4 November 2011

My new Promarker storage

I have a lot of Promarkers, but not enough to fill the dvd holder I had so looked around for another option. I saw exactly what I wanted at the card class a couple weeks ago. They said they had bought theirs in Hobbycraft, but it wasnt there when I looked so a search online was my next step. What a wonder Google is! Eventually found what I wanted on eBay and love that my Promarkers are more mobile!

Its a Prym click box system, the initial set of three boxes is around £15 and then you can add layers as you need them, they just click on at the bottom. Really need another couple layers so I can seperate some of the colours, but happy for now :-)

Today I am making the November swap for UKPC and also sorting out a layout for the November scrap challenge - busy little bee, so better get at it!

See you in Craftland . . . . .

Friday, 28 October 2011

28th October - times running out

. . . . for my Christmas card making! I've just about managed to stay on top of my card making recently (just) but so far this year my Rudolph Days have been pretty much non existant. Oh well, mad panic card-a-thon in Nov/Dec again for me.

I'm pretty pleased with what I've made of late. I went to a Lyndsay Mason demo at Pinnacles shop the other week and was so impressed with her wintry sky themed cards, I just had to have a go myself. Totally hooked on distressing these days. Want to pluck up the courage to have a go at brayering again - when I find the time.

Since we changed our hours at work, its been manic most days and all I want to do when I get home is crash on the sofa.

I've been teaching my friend Jenny about card making and showing her how I do things. Dont profess to be an expert - far from it! - but its been great to see her have a go and pick things up so quickly. Her house is slowly turning into a craft shop, just like mine! We went to an acetate card class last weekend and had fun making three cards -
Its a bit difficult to see the acetate on the circlular floral one, but that was fun to do cutting out a flower shape in acetate and then adding the paper after. The Christmas scene was supposed to be covered with acetate too, but I prefered it as it was, coloured with Promarkers :-)

And finally, the October swap card for UKPC. A favourite book from your childhood. Although I absolutely adored Enid Blytons Famous Five, Malory Towers and the "Adventure" (Island of . . , etc) books, it was my Rupert Bear annual beside my bed at the age of 8 which was in my head from the start of me thinking about what I would use as my theme - hence . . .

See you in Craftland . . . .

Friday, 16 September 2011

Phew, where has the time gone????

Here we are mid September - where did the summer go? Was so busy at work over the school holiday, I was too tired to craft . . . how tragic is that!

However I do have some offerings. I worked on a travel album of sorts this month. A "Flat Stanley" arrived at my parents house from America (you'll have to Google it, it would take too long to explain here!) only it was a Flat Cambry as it was a little girl paper doll. As I was headed up London during the summer, I offered to take her with me so she got to visit Buckingham Palace and a few other places of interest. My friend Jenny was a big help, holding the doll up so I could get photos. We got a few stares, but everyone seemed interested in what we were doing.

I decided it might be a good idea to create an album of Cambrys travels while in the UK, so used a spare 6x6. Here are just a few of the pages I did . . .

Saturday, 30 July 2011


It was my birthday yesterday and so I treated myself to a visit to Pinnacles as it was their 30% weekend and it started yesterday. I had two friends who wanted to go with me, so I ended up going twice as one could only make it in the morning and one in the afternoon! I was very restrained I thought (mainly because I have ordered a couple things off QVC this last week).

Tomorrow my older son is taking me to the shop to treat me, so I am looking forward to that.

Unfortunately I cant play with my new crafty things as I damaged my hand with the dog lead (it whipped through my hand as Phoebe made a beeline for a couple badgers who live nearby). No ones fault but I am left with some burns so my hand is wrapped up to keep it clean while it heals. managed to work today but had to be careful I didnt knock it.

Only pic I can add right now is one of the stash I got yesterday

Hoping to get back to crafting very soon . . .  . 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Jennys Album

This has got to be some kind of record for me - two posts in as many days!!

Its been fun putting together 6x6 pages. They are so small it takes no time at all

I only hope that after seeing these that Jenny gets the bug and has a go. I find scrapbooking very rewarding and its a great stress beater. 

This was Jenny on Southend pier recently

Jenny loves her garden

Jenny talks about her sons quite a lot, so thought it nice to add a pic of them

A family gathering with Jenny in the middle

Jenny and I both belong to Slimming World. She joined about the time I was reaching my goal weight back in 2005, I then left the group, lost contact with Jenny until much later when she started popping into the library and we'd see each other. Finally after I gained all my weight back, I decided to rejoin SW and there was Jenny waiting for me with open arms! We've been close ever since and although she is at the end of her weight loss journey, she keeps going, so I have a slimming buddy :-)

Hopefully be back soon with more crafty pics!
See you in Craftland xxx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crafty juices are flowing

Last night I prepped some photos for a friends mini scrapbook. I'd shown her one of my 12x12 albums and although she was keen to have a go, she seemed daunted by the size of the pages, so thought I would surprise her with a smaller one. I have a few 6x6 albums from an old QVC order a couple years back, so chose one to give to her. After raiding Facebook for photos of her, I was all set to go. This morning, I made up the first page barring a couple of little elements which will take moments to finish. I have an idea for about 4 other pages so hoping to get them done before I see her Tuesday night. Cant wait to see her face!

This morning I arranged with dad to go sit with mum while he went out. I knew I'd be there 3-4 hours and after telling mum about the mini album, she remembered she has one of those albums too. It was the perfect way to re-introduce mum to crafting. She has found this time round (after her 2nd session of chemo) that she has had trouble concentrating on much at all. We got a few items out and after a fun hour looking through old photos, we chose a couple of photos to scrap. Mum was a bit shaky so I did the fiddly bits, but it was mum who chose the colours and actually stuck things down.

I'm very proud of her for trying when I know a couple of times her concentration wavered. Dad was pleased too when he got home as he has worried about her just sitting doing nothing.

Happy crafting

Monday, 18 July 2011

Storage and Scrapbook Pages

I've been looking after my daughters dog for the last couple of weekends, and finally managed to get a little bit of crafting done now she has gone home - first was my drawer storage. I bought 2 of these kits before Christmas and made one up for my neice Miriam, the other I put off until I felt the urge . . . which I did this last week!

I love daisies, so used my one and only sheet of them for the top and sides, then a paler daisy paper for the drawers. (Black paint covered the whole unit, then papered afterwards). Then I had the fun bit - deciding what to keep in it. I have had a lot of oddments laying about for some time so it wasnt a huge decision to make. My label maker was a quick way to show whats in each drawer. maybe one day I'll get around to making proper drawer front labels like I did on Miriams unit.


Today was scrapbooking day - after a trip to Lakeside. I went with my parents to show my mum the wig shop there, as she has found her wig is a little itchy in the warmer weather. She has accepted that her hair is going to fall out with the chemo she is having but wants to cover up for her own confidence. The shop was very expensive, so we looked at the scarves instead (even they were expensive, but I was determined she was going to take at least one home, so I paid). Mum now has a very classy deep blue turban and a funky multicoloured scarf . After I dropped them home, I was able to think about my fun afternoon.

First of all this months scrap challenge. I made use of my 12x12 templates for the first time and went with a beach theme as the photos were taken at Southend. My friend Jenny and I walked Southend Pier and back last Wednesday. Its the longest "pleasure" pier in the world. It was a windy day but we had a lot of fun and want to do it again in the future. This week has also been challenge week in my slimming club. This week we have been challenged to say No to food/drink temptations and see how much weight we can lose by doing that. Jenny and I took pictures of us shunning the vending machine half way along the pier. Theres a prize for the biggest list of "no's" but we are hoping my artist interpretation of the challenge will win us something!


The second page was also using the Southend photos, this time the pier itself. We decided to treat ourselves to a certificate to prove we walked the pier. I wanted a smaller version with both our names on it, so I scanned my certificate, used my Paint program on the pc to remove my name and the date, printed it off onto parchment type cream paper and then rewrote our names and the date again in my own handwriting. The black arrow has the word "Sarfend" in blue glittery letters and its finished off with blue paper flowers held on the page with brads. Its a bit late now to start a new page so thought I would blog a while and then watch a bit of tv til hubby gets home

Thats all for now, Happy Crafting

Monday, 4 July 2011

Chunky Book (UKPC June 2011)

Hoorah hoorah - I finally did something crafty!

The Chunky Book exchange last month was a fun project and I have enjoyed stretching myself a little to complete it.

First hurdle was to find the time (as always!), then decide what to add to my page. Once all the pages were in, I made covers for the book which were far too thick so remade them last night. Today was the biggest challenge of all - Shrink Plastic. In the past I have tried this and ended up almost throwing my heat gun out the window as everything I made shrivelled up as its supposed to, but would not unshrivel again, grrr.

But today it all went right, although I cant overcome something without it going a little wrong! I dont have any printable plastic so printed off the names I wanted using Snap font, traced the names onto the plastic and then coloured them using my new Promarkers. I guessed they might bleed a little so allowed for them spreading and it was all looking good. It was only once I had them shrunk that I realised I should have printed the names backwards so they showed through the nice shiny side rather than be on the frosted side. Oh well , you live and learn :-)
I'm still undecided about the book rings I have used to bind the book. I have used 3.5cm rings (biggest I had) but the pages are still difficult to open. I have ordered some ball chains which I had hoped would have arrived by now. I'll try the book with them instead to see if it looks any better, then finish adding the ribbons. But the plastic charms look great!

See you in Craftland :-)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Crafters black hole

Wow, I cant believe I havent done much crafting over the last couple weeks. I did spend some time on making a chunky book page with UKPC. There were 7 of us in total, so we all made 7 pages to send out to everyone. It was a lovely week of mini packages coming through the letter box. Typically mine was the last out but at least I got them all posted in that same week!

I've made covers for the book - which were too thick so even my biggest book rings wouldnt fit. Got a bit of fixing to do, then I will take photos to add here. It was a fun project and I think we are all hoping to do it again (maybe for Christmas?). Watch this space . . . 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Anniversaries and birthdays

This month saw my mums and daughters birthdays and also my daughters 2nd anniversary. My daughter and son-in-law moved home this month, that needed a New Home card too! So, once craft table was cleared of clutter (dont think I'll ever have a tidy craft area, dont have the right genes!) I got to work.

First mums birthday as I knew I'd be seeing her first . . .

Using my favourite Marianne Creatable folder, I used a lighter blue glitter card behind it and attached it to blue pearlised card. Then I still have the odd blue butterfly flittering about from my daughters wedding stationery so thought they'd tie the two blues together. Easy peasy

Then onto daughters birthday . . . . .

. . . another Marianne topper this time matted onto red shiny embossed paper with my Martha Stewart deep edge punch lined with the same red paper. Then just attached some layered flowers with glittery brads in the centre

Both cards were very quick to make which is just what I needed. Had a lot going on my my life this last few weeks and as usual, the card making was last minute!

Next came the New Home card. Again I used an old faithful design using one of my Crafters Companion embossing boards.

Lots of distressing going on here (my favourite technique now that I have mastered it finally). John did ask if it reflected the house, as its very old and the walls are crooked inside and out! I admitted that yes, it was a kind of theme :o)

Lastly the anniversary card. Wanted to take my time with this as I had seen another friends moonscape card (thanks Maggie!) and wanted something similar for this card. Originally I was going to use my brayer, but despite my best efforts, I just couldnt master it so in the end I spent a lot of time . . . . and a used a lot of elbow work to distress the card to an inch of its life. I think it was definately worth all the effort and Leanne & John loved it. It took pride of place and when people arrived for the birthday barbecue last weekend, they showed it to everyone saying I had created the picture using ink pads - sort of correct I guess!

I think its my favourite card I have ever made . . . so far!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Happy Birthday Sam!

My youngest is 22 today - where does the time go?? My card this year for him turned out fine, even though the front looked a bit different than I first thought it would!
I love distressing the edges of cards and scrap elements now, I'm so glad I kept my ink pads, I hadnt used them for so long I didnt think they'd get used again.

My crafting mojo is back but as usual others things are creeping in - including being back to work tomorrow after a 2 week break. Its been lovely but I guess I have to go back sometime! Next date set for crafting is Thursday. Before then I am helping my daughter and son-in-law move house at the weekend, then I have my lovely sis and neice coming to visit next week. Once they have gone home, I can settle at my table. 
I just hope its a bit cooler than it was this morning when I finished off my sons card - the sun was blazing in, but because the window had been closed, it was really hot! Even my peeloffs were playing hard to get!

What a lovely surprise I had just before going away - I won Wiccababes blog candy! I was so thrilled, I did a little dance in the corner!! The parcel arrived while I was away and even though it was well past midnight when we got back, I just had to open the parcel and take a look! Lots of lovely goodies, including a set of 12 Promarkers (yum, my favourite!)

Cant wait to play with my new toys :o)

Monday, 9 May 2011

a busy crafty month starts . .

. . . with a card for Cassie (Colins girlfriend).

I just sat at the table and let my mind take over. It was a real freebie card, as I used left over paper and mirri card with some pretty holographic peel offs and a topper that I have had for ages (taken from a card a few years back I think!). I am loving these easil cards right now - cant get enough of them! It was steppers up til last month, easils now, wonder what I shall make my favourite next time?

I opted out of the swap card this month but want to get the scrap page done. Looks like I have run out of time to make Sams card for 25th, but I still have a couple days after we get back off holiday to make that before I go back to work.  In fact I want to spent two or three days in the craft room just playing when we get back. I'll have another bunch of photos to scrap anyway, so will get them off for printing, it'll cost way too much to do them myself.

I am also looking ahead to June now with a couple family birthdays and also the Fat Book challenge being run by UKPC - really have to get to work on that - more later . . .

Popped round my friend Sues place today after work for a quick crafting session. I taught her distressing and as I thought, she took to it really well and after a couple attempts her work was looking great! Sue is new to crafting although has had an interest in it for ages. Being deaf, she found it difficult to get out to classes, but I did a bad thing and introduced her to craft tv and now she is as fanatical as me! Oh well, another convert cant be bad!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

more Anniversary stuff and a month of birthdays coming up . . .

Steve and I went out for the day yesterday to celebrate our anniversary. He bought me a lovely charm bracelet (the modern ones with the loops that go on, are they called Pandora bracelets?) Anyway, we decided to 'just' go to Bluewater shopping mall in Kent and ended up spending the day! Steve has only been once before and hadnt taken much notice of what shops were there. He was amazed at how many places there are to eat, asking me if I found it difficult as I am dieting. Well, no not normally, but when you have a hubby who wants to sample all the goodies, it gets harder!

Sampling Crushh fruit smoothies
We lunched in the Cadbury Chocolate House, and slummed it in the evening in the food court. I had Chinese, he had Harry Ramsdens. During the day I trawled the shops as Steve was happy to follow along, once he had seen a couple places that caught his eye. I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes, items of clothing, the bracelet and food from John Lewis foodhall (yes, I know its only Waitrose, but it felt more exciting from JL). In the evening we went to the cinema, and saw Thor 3D. A cheesy but enjoyable film. Then home and after a day of walking miles, it was good to fall into bed!

I have pics of us in the Cadbury place which will be scrapped at some point. Today I made a card for my sons girlfriend. This month we have lots of extended family members who have birthdays in May and early June - cards galore then

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

30th Anniversary - 2 May 1981

I finally got the card finished, which had been in bits and in my head over the last few weeks. All the ingredients were there, just time and crafting mojo needed.

I used pearlised (geddit?) ivory card and used my newest Mary Stewart edge cutter. Then using the same card stock, I embossed the swirl (a Marianne Design folder) and backed it with green glitter card - the non shedding kind. Also used it to line the front cover of the card. The green reminded us of our bridesmaids who wore this colour. Gold peel offs finished the card. I printed a lovely verse for the inside.

While I was creating, I remembered that my "grandpup" has been with my daughter and son-in-law for a year this month. They picked her up from Battersea Dogs Home on 1 May last year. We all decided she needed an official birthday, like the queen lol. So as the vets estimated her age at 3-4, Phoebe celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday! Me being the big softie that I am bought her a doggie treat birthday 'cake' and made her a card . . .

I bought the rubber stamps from the Joanna Sheen website. I had seen them on Creat and Craft TV but didnt want to pay their postage charges!

Using bronze glitter card and cream plain card I cut and folded a simple DL card to make the double twisted easil - it was a lot easier than I thought it would be :oD

I used my Nesties to cut the panels and a couple fabric flowers to help hold the sides up finished it off. Leanne & John loved it, Phoebe was too busy breaking into her cake to voice an opinion!!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wedding Bells

I watched the Royal Wedding pretty much all day yesterday and it only occurred to me after a few hours, that I could be taking photos of the tv in the hopes of getting some pretty photos for a scrap page! So this will be my next craft project . . . along with that anniversary card for Monday!

Watch this space . . . . .

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mucking about online

After seeing a slideshow on another blog, I wanted something similar on mine. Only problem is I am a bit of a technophobe with this sort of thing and have no idea how I managed to get the slideshow below into a daily posting and not onto my blog site itself! Must get help . . . it is very pretty though!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Must try harder . . .

Due to building work and then school holidays, I havent been able to get near my crafting table for nearly two weeks. But now the guests have all gone home and the table is beckoning me to have a play - tomorrow . . .

In the meantime, the last card I made was an art deco style for the craft forum. I was very pleased with it. I've had my Hougie board for some time now, so thought I should really use it. Got a lot of cards to make over the next month or two so I'll hopefully be visiting on a regular basis until the summer (although got a week away next month).

The sun has been wonderful this last week. Naturally the heatwave started on my long working days so missed it for the first few days, but since then have enjoyed the warmth although not actually sat out in it. I get bored to easily, so the only time I get any sort of tan is when I am out and about. Maybe next month if I am lucky?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I finally made the swap card for March. Wasnt overly pleased with end result, but it could have been worse. I was sent a beautiful card - Art Deco, I love it!

Mine was bright, which was a lot nicer than the usual pastels I use. I forgot to take a photo of it, but will be able to add one in a day or two as I'll copy the one that goes in the group album

I also made an anniversary card for my parents. I really wanted to try something different and dug into my new Kanban kit (a TSV last month). I ended up with a very pretty squeezy card and made the box to put the card it. Mum and dad loved it!

Next stop my 30th Anniversary in May. Really need to get my thinking cap on for that one as I want it to be extra special

Now all I need to do is catch up on my scrapbooking. This has become a real concern to me as I dearly would love the time to just sit and enjoy putting a few pages together. Whenever I have a day off I find its already booked for something. Must. Be. Stronger and just say NO!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1 March 2011

Happy St Davids Day!

I had a really fun afternoon yesterday. I had mum and a friend (Sue) round to make scrapbook pages. Sue had never done anything like this before, so was eager to make a start and although mum has made scrap pages before, she needed a kick start as she hadnt done any in ages.

Sue is deaf so I didnt get any crafting done myself as I was busy signing for her, but watching her put together her pages was great! She really has a gift for it and was soon busy cutting and gluing. I started her off small with a 6x6 album and she chose her cats as a theme for this album. Sue completed 4 pages while she was here, and it was only because it was dinner time that we had to stop!

Mum had her 12x12 album with her and a few old b&w pics of dad and his mates in the army. I found some light blue and maroon (Parachute Regiment colours) 12x12's for her to use and she was soon away . .  Mums problem is she overthinks things. I watched her measure everything and she was very heavy handed with the roller glue. After I suggested she use a lighter hand and showed her how to use the grid pattern on the cutting mat as a guide, she soon got on with her page. It was very "nice" once finished but also lacked something. I had brought down a box of ricrac ribbons and found the right colour and once we had discussed where it should go, the page really came alive and I was so proud of her! Dad loved the page too. I know mum is going to go home and replicate the page to make it a double page spread so I expect to hear she has been to our favourite local craft shop for more supplies! (I only had the one sheet of maroon unfortunately or would have given her more to go ahead with the second page.

Sue was so entranced with scrapping, she has asked to go to the craft shop too, and as they give lessons I am going to surprise her by booking us both on one (and mum too!)

Unfortunately I was having so much fun watching the others, I didnt get any photos, so cant even record my first scrap lesson on a page of my own . . . . ah well next time!

Today I decided to make the page I wanted to make yesterday - its the March Challenge which involves no straight lines (other than the edges of the paper!). I have the perfect tool for the job so hopefully will get it finished and then I can post the result on here :o)

In the meantime, I have given myself a job - to make a folder to hold my collection of Cuttlebug folders. I didnt think I was interested in these, but I notice my collection is slowly growing! They are currently stored in a box on the shelf, but I thought it might be nice to have them easily accessed. I've looked online and found a blog that shows how to make one, so another project to add to my long list! Oh and I added the blog to my following list!!

Happy crafting :o)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

20th February 2011

You can always tell when I am off work a few days - I do more crafting! I think this is behind my decision to reduce my hours at work. I like being home, and although I know I do waste a lot of time (I blame the iTouch!), it also allows me to have a life beyond the craft table!

So what have I been up to in the last two days? Well, its Colins birthday on Thursday  so a card was needed. At this time of year I am usually still getting over the Christmas craft-out. But having had a few Christmas cards in hand, there wasnt the usual mad panic in the last week or so to get a mountain of them made. This year should be even better as I plan on using my Rudolph Days wisely (every 25th of the month) and have a good stock built up by the end of November. That way I can concentrate on making pressies in December!

OK so on with Colins card. I dont like to give him soppy ones. Not sure he's appreciate that, so I kept it light and used a Papermania decoupage set of papers that had been free with a goodie bag called "Mans World". Then I wanted a special card, so ended up making a double stepper one. I'm not a great lover of decoupage itself but dont mind layering a bit - I even remembered to bevel the teeshirts to give them a bit of dimension! Originally the card didnt have any peel off borders, but I felt it needed a little extra and they work a treat.

I also had a birthday card to make for the UKPC group leader BJ. I'd already forgotten to post her a card so wanted something a little bit special. Its been many years since I made a rubber stamped card (oh I've done backgrounds on cards, but this was to be the focal point on the card). I bought a lovely stamp last week at the craft show and wanted to use it straight away, so BJ was the first!

I enjoyed colouring it in and even remembered the bit of advice I had heard on CnC to just dot tiny areas with the Promarkers so you dont go over the lines! Its worked out lovely and today when I went to add the verse to get it posted later, I thought it might look better with a bit of glitter so dug out the Stickles.

A great afternoon :o)