Monday, 10 January 2011

10th January 2011

Its been a rough start to 2011 with a relapse of my coughing, this time included is nausea and stomach pains. Its stopped me in the first week from doing much and its still keeping me feeling tired, but I have managed to start crafting again.

First project of 2011 was the January Swap for UKPC (UK Papercrafters on yahoo groups). We sign up to swap each month and this months theme was a DoCrafts sketch.

I turned the sketch round a bit and made it a square. As it was January, I made the theme NeW Year which another group member did as well (she sent to me). In fact our cards had a few things in common. She drew a straight border round the edge of  her card, whereas mine has a squiggly border. She'd rotated the sketch like I did and hers had the new year theme as I mentioned.

Next job - there are two projects I would like to do next. The January Scrap Challenge involves a photo of this winters snow. There are two lovely examples on the UKPC site already. I havent decided which of the photos I took I will use as yet, thinking about Colins giant icicle which endangered life every time you stepped out the back door (as it was right above you!) The other project is to use my brayer. I have had it for quite a few years and a lot of them its been packed away in a box. I am a huge fan of Barbara Grey and she inspired me so much in her latest show on CnC that I just had to have some of her stamps. I found my brayer and thankfully its the one she uses, I bought myself some baby wipes today and I have my ink pads standing by. Hopefully once all the items arrive from the various sources I ordered them from I'll feel inclined to make something - you can get a lot of Clarity stash from Joanna Sheens site and theres no p&p!

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