Monday, 3 January 2011

1st January 2011

A new beginning . . . .


I only have one thing I promise myself this year and that is to spend more me time doing what I love most - crafting. I have a new craft area now in the spare room and although theres not a lot of room to move right now, once the cupboard is knocked out there'll be room for a chair at the table too. I have a massive job ahead of me, organising all the crafting supplies into easily accessable areas and also labelling so I know what box has what in it. Ikea has come to the rescue again with some new boxes to keep things in.

Today started slowly as I came to the surface of sleep gradually. Although I got home in good time last night, I started watching tv and ended up falling alseep on the settee, waking at 4am to stagger up to my bed. The cold sheets woke me a little so I read for a while. I have a vague memory of hearing someone switch off the lamp, and I know it was Steve as he was the only one home when I got up this morning. Who knows what happened to the book and glasses I had on the bed last night!

I sat and watched Creat & Craft tv which as a crafter was a very good way to start 2011! Although they were advertising something which part of my brain was saying I really really wanted, while the sensible side was reminding me I have plenty of goodies to be getting on with after my trip to The Range on Thursday.

Today I will eventually get dressed (its 11.30am) and then go make my first card of the year - the January swap for UKPC

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