Saturday, 22 January 2011

22nd January 2011

Its been a yukky few days, very overcast and cold. At least it isnt snowing! I was feeling very angry yesterday about something, so bad it made my hands shake. I desperately wanting to do some crafting, but didnt dare in case I made a mess of things. Maybe I should keep some knitting closeby for these events? Anyway, later in the day I was calmer so came straight to my little oasis and started planning the scrap page I wanted to make. Its for the UKPC monthly challenge. I know what photos I wanted to use and after a bit of faffing came up with this design

It was fun making the snowflake. Its very sad that I had to look it up online how to make one, I'd forgotten! How lovely to get back to childhood just for a bit - I ended up with snips of paper everywhere but very pleased with end result. It really does look just like the flakes we had in last months snowstorms!

My theme revolved around the icicles hanging at the back of the house. One particularly long one was right above the back door and it was a bit worrying in case it came crashing down while someone was underneath. It didnt, it fell in the night a few days after I took the photos.

I also sat and drew out the February challenge as I offered to help Cassidy out on UKPC. She was doing all of them up til then, now there are three of us working on them so only 4 a year to do. Its given me a taste of scrapbooking again, so might just go do another one!

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