Saturday, 1 January 2011

25th December 2010

Everything leads to this ......

Finally finally the big day has arrived. I have been very remiss and not added anything to this blog since Christmas Eve, but then I have had family around and its been impossible to get pc time!

Christmas Day dawned and as I was still coughing and spluttering I decided to stay home and miss the one meeting I look forward to - the carol service at church. Its the first one I have missed in years and I was upset to do so. Although at the same time, I was releived as I found I was doing everything slower feeling so short of breath.

Christmas dinner preparation flowed and everything was ready ahead of time so I was able to sit and enjoy a moments peace before parents arrived.

A relaxing day all in all, mum and dad, the boys and Steve and I for dinner with the boys visiting friends in the afternoon and Steves dad visiting for a couple hours.

Now Boxing Day was another matter . . . .

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