Saturday, 1 January 2011

26th December 2010

The calm after the storm . . . . . ?

No way is Boxing Day ever calm! Its as big a day for my family as Christmas Day with more family arriving. this year we had Leanne & John arrive too after spending Christmas Day with Johns family, and with phoebe in tow as well, it was manic with Phoebe dashing round the garden as soon as she arrived, then wanting to chase Whiskey upstairs! Whiskey wisely stayed hidden under various beds depending on how brave he was to actually move

Boxing Day consists of present opening on a grand scale, the buffet, games. Its a manic day from start to finish. I am preparing food from the start with stops for welcoming guests as they arrive. Once everyone has arrived, everything stops while presents are exchanged (and no matter how much we promise not to spend too much, the amount never dwindles!). Then its food and drink, chat and games if theres time.


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