Saturday, 1 January 2011

27th - 30th December 2010

Summing up, looking back and wondering whats to come . . . .

As the week flew by I thought it best to do a short catch up. Not much happened this week beyond shopping, chatting and generally slobbing about. The highlight of the week has to be visiting Leanne & Johns place for a slap up meal and afternoon of fun. Leanne made the most delicious roast beef meal I think I have ever tasted. The meat was tender and melted in the mouth, the potatoes, carrots and parsnips roasted to perfection. Leanne is a veggie and doesnt really like handling meat, but she made this incredible meal despite not knowing how it was going to taste. She always used to claim she couldnt cook, well, maybe that gene kicked in the day she got married because I cant cook like her!

The afternoon was spent playing Scrabble and then dad and John played a few card games while the rest of us relaxed. Well all except Leanne who spent far too much time dashing about making sure we were all comfortable, bless her.

It was a sad moment when we all had to go home. Its always after 10pm as we say we want a free trip home through the Dartford tunnel! It was made easier as we had planned on meeting up at Lakeside the following morning.

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