Saturday, 1 January 2011

31st December 2010

What are you doing New Years Eve . . . .

Part of me wanted to stay home alone and craft, watch tv or a film. Part of me wanted to go to Jan & Daves for a get together with friends. I'd already said yes to their invitation and so I foirced myself to go. Once there I knew I would be fine. Steve was on night shift, the boys out celebrating.

It was a great surprise when  I saw Brian & Mandy there as I'd heard mandy hadnt been well with the flu. That cheered me straight away, and as the evening passed, i was very glad I had gone.  We just sat chatting and laughing - nothing crazy - and it was a lovely evening. As midnight drew near, we all had drinks to the ready (have you ever toasted with a glass of water before??). The chimes of Big Ben on the radio made us all cheer and laugh when we had to cheer at the first "bong" as well as the last as none of us were 100% which one heralded 12 o'clock. I'm thinking its the first as thats when the fireworks start.

At 12.30 I decided to leave as I was driving home to an empty house. Mum and dad left at the same time. Saying goodbyes took a while and during that time I was told something that really touched my heart. Jan & Dave still go to Britannia and they introduced some friends Mel & Keith, who I found I liked straight away. Keith asked me about shows I might be attending this year so I told him I no longer did re-enactment. That saddened him and he told me it was me who truly made him feel welcome in the group. On his first day everyone had been friendly enough but it was me who made him feel welcome just by tweaking his waist as I walked by while in the arena. It was that moment of silliness that has stuck with him ever since. Thats really made me feel good especially after the nastiness of my last time at Britannia, so I am very grateful to Keith for sharing that with me. Its given me a really good way to start the year
Happy 2011

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