Monday, 3 January 2011

3rd January 2011

A Little Better Than The Rest . . . . . .

Thinking back on the best part of the whole holiday season has to be that 15 minutes I had to myself on Christmas Day. the boys were upstairs, Steve was pottering about somewhere and mum and dad had yet to arrive. Dinner was well on the way and I had the chance to sit. Its never happened before as far as I can remember and it was true bliss! It was also very much needed having been ill with a nasty cough for the week previous.

I miss my crafting. I havent made anything since before Christmas and although I have had opportunity to do so, its been so cold I havent wanted to go to the spare room and set up. The cough I have had for the last two weeks is irritated by extremes of temperature.

However today, I bought a new laptop so just maybe I will feel more like going upstairs as I can have craft tv on via the laptop!

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