Friday, 18 February 2011

18th February 2011

I finally finished my Feb Scrap Challenge today. I'd started work on it a week or so ago, but felt I didnt know enough about distressing to make a decent job of it. Then I heard about a Stitch & Craft Show at Braintree so decided to go in the hopes I might get a few bargains.

Little did I know, I'd get a one-to-one lesson on distressing and also resist technique (dont know the proper name for it). I was so pleased! I spoke to the lady demonstrator and explained my dilema and she knew staright away what my problem was. Today I put her advice into practise and lo and behold, it all went right! You can still see the mistakes I made at first, but my new skills were able to cover up the worst of them.

I need to finish it off properly, still got a bit of journalling to do, but pleased with how it turned out. Its a lovely pic of Steves mum and I used my new alphabet Cricut cartridge for her name.

The flowers worked well I thought as they picked up the browns and beiges in the photo - its not quite sepia, not quite black & white.

My old wavy cutter came in very handy. I got that at the last craft show I went to a few years back, and its the best £22 I've ever spent craft-wise

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