Wednesday, 9 February 2011

9th February 2011

Love is in the air!

Valentines Day looms and for once I am on the case and already made my card for Steve. I'd actually sat down to make my scrap page for February ~ and ended up with a card instead. After I made it, I remembered I had a lovely card in my card stash which I'd intended giving to Steve . . . . oh well theres always next year!

I had seen a card on craft tv which inspired me, altered it to suit what I wanted and off I went. As usual my lettering is slightly off but I doubt Steve will notice (and if he did he would never say anything!)

Maybe I'll get the chance to make up my scrap page tomorrow? Last day before my work weekend arrives . . . .

I've been going through my craft excess and selling quite a bit on ebay. I've become quite obsessed and spend ages listing items (I'm not very fast). But the good news is there are plenty of people out there after a bargain and as most of my items are starting at 99p or less I have had a fair bit of interest. Its been a great help not having to go to the post office as well, I just log on the Royal Mail site and print off my postage labels, so easy!

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