Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1 March 2011

Happy St Davids Day!

I had a really fun afternoon yesterday. I had mum and a friend (Sue) round to make scrapbook pages. Sue had never done anything like this before, so was eager to make a start and although mum has made scrap pages before, she needed a kick start as she hadnt done any in ages.

Sue is deaf so I didnt get any crafting done myself as I was busy signing for her, but watching her put together her pages was great! She really has a gift for it and was soon busy cutting and gluing. I started her off small with a 6x6 album and she chose her cats as a theme for this album. Sue completed 4 pages while she was here, and it was only because it was dinner time that we had to stop!

Mum had her 12x12 album with her and a few old b&w pics of dad and his mates in the army. I found some light blue and maroon (Parachute Regiment colours) 12x12's for her to use and she was soon away . .  Mums problem is she overthinks things. I watched her measure everything and she was very heavy handed with the roller glue. After I suggested she use a lighter hand and showed her how to use the grid pattern on the cutting mat as a guide, she soon got on with her page. It was very "nice" once finished but also lacked something. I had brought down a box of ricrac ribbons and found the right colour and once we had discussed where it should go, the page really came alive and I was so proud of her! Dad loved the page too. I know mum is going to go home and replicate the page to make it a double page spread so I expect to hear she has been to our favourite local craft shop for more supplies! (I only had the one sheet of maroon unfortunately or would have given her more to go ahead with the second page.

Sue was so entranced with scrapping, she has asked to go to the craft shop too, and as they give lessons I am going to surprise her by booking us both on one (and mum too!)

Unfortunately I was having so much fun watching the others, I didnt get any photos, so cant even record my first scrap lesson on a page of my own . . . . ah well next time!

Today I decided to make the page I wanted to make yesterday - its the March Challenge which involves no straight lines (other than the edges of the paper!). I have the perfect tool for the job so hopefully will get it finished and then I can post the result on here :o)

In the meantime, I have given myself a job - to make a folder to hold my collection of Cuttlebug folders. I didnt think I was interested in these, but I notice my collection is slowly growing! They are currently stored in a box on the shelf, but I thought it might be nice to have them easily accessed. I've looked online and found a blog that shows how to make one, so another project to add to my long list! Oh and I added the blog to my following list!!

Happy crafting :o)

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