Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Happy Birthday Sam!

My youngest is 22 today - where does the time go?? My card this year for him turned out fine, even though the front looked a bit different than I first thought it would!
I love distressing the edges of cards and scrap elements now, I'm so glad I kept my ink pads, I hadnt used them for so long I didnt think they'd get used again.

My crafting mojo is back but as usual others things are creeping in - including being back to work tomorrow after a 2 week break. Its been lovely but I guess I have to go back sometime! Next date set for crafting is Thursday. Before then I am helping my daughter and son-in-law move house at the weekend, then I have my lovely sis and neice coming to visit next week. Once they have gone home, I can settle at my table. 
I just hope its a bit cooler than it was this morning when I finished off my sons card - the sun was blazing in, but because the window had been closed, it was really hot! Even my peeloffs were playing hard to get!

What a lovely surprise I had just before going away - I won Wiccababes blog candy! I was so thrilled, I did a little dance in the corner!! The parcel arrived while I was away and even though it was well past midnight when we got back, I just had to open the parcel and take a look! Lots of lovely goodies, including a set of 12 Promarkers (yum, my favourite!)

Cant wait to play with my new toys :o)

Monday, 9 May 2011

a busy crafty month starts . .

. . . with a card for Cassie (Colins girlfriend).

I just sat at the table and let my mind take over. It was a real freebie card, as I used left over paper and mirri card with some pretty holographic peel offs and a topper that I have had for ages (taken from a card a few years back I think!). I am loving these easil cards right now - cant get enough of them! It was steppers up til last month, easils now, wonder what I shall make my favourite next time?

I opted out of the swap card this month but want to get the scrap page done. Looks like I have run out of time to make Sams card for 25th, but I still have a couple days after we get back off holiday to make that before I go back to work.  In fact I want to spent two or three days in the craft room just playing when we get back. I'll have another bunch of photos to scrap anyway, so will get them off for printing, it'll cost way too much to do them myself.

I am also looking ahead to June now with a couple family birthdays and also the Fat Book challenge being run by UKPC - really have to get to work on that - more later . . .

Popped round my friend Sues place today after work for a quick crafting session. I taught her distressing and as I thought, she took to it really well and after a couple attempts her work was looking great! Sue is new to crafting although has had an interest in it for ages. Being deaf, she found it difficult to get out to classes, but I did a bad thing and introduced her to craft tv and now she is as fanatical as me! Oh well, another convert cant be bad!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

more Anniversary stuff and a month of birthdays coming up . . .

Steve and I went out for the day yesterday to celebrate our anniversary. He bought me a lovely charm bracelet (the modern ones with the loops that go on, are they called Pandora bracelets?) Anyway, we decided to 'just' go to Bluewater shopping mall in Kent and ended up spending the day! Steve has only been once before and hadnt taken much notice of what shops were there. He was amazed at how many places there are to eat, asking me if I found it difficult as I am dieting. Well, no not normally, but when you have a hubby who wants to sample all the goodies, it gets harder!

Sampling Crushh fruit smoothies
We lunched in the Cadbury Chocolate House, and slummed it in the evening in the food court. I had Chinese, he had Harry Ramsdens. During the day I trawled the shops as Steve was happy to follow along, once he had seen a couple places that caught his eye. I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes, items of clothing, the bracelet and food from John Lewis foodhall (yes, I know its only Waitrose, but it felt more exciting from JL). In the evening we went to the cinema, and saw Thor 3D. A cheesy but enjoyable film. Then home and after a day of walking miles, it was good to fall into bed!

I have pics of us in the Cadbury place which will be scrapped at some point. Today I made a card for my sons girlfriend. This month we have lots of extended family members who have birthdays in May and early June - cards galore then

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

30th Anniversary - 2 May 1981

I finally got the card finished, which had been in bits and in my head over the last few weeks. All the ingredients were there, just time and crafting mojo needed.

I used pearlised (geddit?) ivory card and used my newest Mary Stewart edge cutter. Then using the same card stock, I embossed the swirl (a Marianne Design folder) and backed it with green glitter card - the non shedding kind. Also used it to line the front cover of the card. The green reminded us of our bridesmaids who wore this colour. Gold peel offs finished the card. I printed a lovely verse for the inside.

While I was creating, I remembered that my "grandpup" has been with my daughter and son-in-law for a year this month. They picked her up from Battersea Dogs Home on 1 May last year. We all decided she needed an official birthday, like the queen lol. So as the vets estimated her age at 3-4, Phoebe celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday! Me being the big softie that I am bought her a doggie treat birthday 'cake' and made her a card . . .

I bought the rubber stamps from the Joanna Sheen website. I had seen them on Creat and Craft TV but didnt want to pay their postage charges!

Using bronze glitter card and cream plain card I cut and folded a simple DL card to make the double twisted easil - it was a lot easier than I thought it would be :oD

I used my Nesties to cut the panels and a couple fabric flowers to help hold the sides up finished it off. Leanne & John loved it, Phoebe was too busy breaking into her cake to voice an opinion!!