Monday, 9 May 2011

a busy crafty month starts . .

. . . with a card for Cassie (Colins girlfriend).

I just sat at the table and let my mind take over. It was a real freebie card, as I used left over paper and mirri card with some pretty holographic peel offs and a topper that I have had for ages (taken from a card a few years back I think!). I am loving these easil cards right now - cant get enough of them! It was steppers up til last month, easils now, wonder what I shall make my favourite next time?

I opted out of the swap card this month but want to get the scrap page done. Looks like I have run out of time to make Sams card for 25th, but I still have a couple days after we get back off holiday to make that before I go back to work.  In fact I want to spent two or three days in the craft room just playing when we get back. I'll have another bunch of photos to scrap anyway, so will get them off for printing, it'll cost way too much to do them myself.

I am also looking ahead to June now with a couple family birthdays and also the Fat Book challenge being run by UKPC - really have to get to work on that - more later . . .

Popped round my friend Sues place today after work for a quick crafting session. I taught her distressing and as I thought, she took to it really well and after a couple attempts her work was looking great! Sue is new to crafting although has had an interest in it for ages. Being deaf, she found it difficult to get out to classes, but I did a bad thing and introduced her to craft tv and now she is as fanatical as me! Oh well, another convert cant be bad!!


  1. Congratulations on winning the blog candy from Wiccababe! I love your card, its so pretty.

  2. Wow, Deb - thank you so much :D

  3. Love the card. Just a thought, have you thought of contacting CnC about your deaf friend? They may not be aware that they do have people with hearing problems, and just may make an effort to put on subtitles.