Thursday, 5 May 2011

more Anniversary stuff and a month of birthdays coming up . . .

Steve and I went out for the day yesterday to celebrate our anniversary. He bought me a lovely charm bracelet (the modern ones with the loops that go on, are they called Pandora bracelets?) Anyway, we decided to 'just' go to Bluewater shopping mall in Kent and ended up spending the day! Steve has only been once before and hadnt taken much notice of what shops were there. He was amazed at how many places there are to eat, asking me if I found it difficult as I am dieting. Well, no not normally, but when you have a hubby who wants to sample all the goodies, it gets harder!

Sampling Crushh fruit smoothies
We lunched in the Cadbury Chocolate House, and slummed it in the evening in the food court. I had Chinese, he had Harry Ramsdens. During the day I trawled the shops as Steve was happy to follow along, once he had seen a couple places that caught his eye. I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes, items of clothing, the bracelet and food from John Lewis foodhall (yes, I know its only Waitrose, but it felt more exciting from JL). In the evening we went to the cinema, and saw Thor 3D. A cheesy but enjoyable film. Then home and after a day of walking miles, it was good to fall into bed!

I have pics of us in the Cadbury place which will be scrapped at some point. Today I made a card for my sons girlfriend. This month we have lots of extended family members who have birthdays in May and early June - cards galore then

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