Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Anniversaries and birthdays

This month saw my mums and daughters birthdays and also my daughters 2nd anniversary. My daughter and son-in-law moved home this month, that needed a New Home card too! So, once craft table was cleared of clutter (dont think I'll ever have a tidy craft area, dont have the right genes!) I got to work.

First mums birthday as I knew I'd be seeing her first . . .

Using my favourite Marianne Creatable folder, I used a lighter blue glitter card behind it and attached it to blue pearlised card. Then I still have the odd blue butterfly flittering about from my daughters wedding stationery so thought they'd tie the two blues together. Easy peasy

Then onto daughters birthday . . . . .

. . . another Marianne topper this time matted onto red shiny embossed paper with my Martha Stewart deep edge punch lined with the same red paper. Then just attached some layered flowers with glittery brads in the centre

Both cards were very quick to make which is just what I needed. Had a lot going on my my life this last few weeks and as usual, the card making was last minute!

Next came the New Home card. Again I used an old faithful design using one of my Crafters Companion embossing boards.

Lots of distressing going on here (my favourite technique now that I have mastered it finally). John did ask if it reflected the house, as its very old and the walls are crooked inside and out! I admitted that yes, it was a kind of theme :o)

Lastly the anniversary card. Wanted to take my time with this as I had seen another friends moonscape card (thanks Maggie!) and wanted something similar for this card. Originally I was going to use my brayer, but despite my best efforts, I just couldnt master it so in the end I spent a lot of time . . . . and a used a lot of elbow work to distress the card to an inch of its life. I think it was definately worth all the effort and Leanne & John loved it. It took pride of place and when people arrived for the birthday barbecue last weekend, they showed it to everyone saying I had created the picture using ink pads - sort of correct I guess!

I think its my favourite card I have ever made . . . so far!