Saturday, 30 July 2011


It was my birthday yesterday and so I treated myself to a visit to Pinnacles as it was their 30% weekend and it started yesterday. I had two friends who wanted to go with me, so I ended up going twice as one could only make it in the morning and one in the afternoon! I was very restrained I thought (mainly because I have ordered a couple things off QVC this last week).

Tomorrow my older son is taking me to the shop to treat me, so I am looking forward to that.

Unfortunately I cant play with my new crafty things as I damaged my hand with the dog lead (it whipped through my hand as Phoebe made a beeline for a couple badgers who live nearby). No ones fault but I am left with some burns so my hand is wrapped up to keep it clean while it heals. managed to work today but had to be careful I didnt knock it.

Only pic I can add right now is one of the stash I got yesterday

Hoping to get back to crafting very soon . . .  . 

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