Monday, 4 July 2011

Chunky Book (UKPC June 2011)

Hoorah hoorah - I finally did something crafty!

The Chunky Book exchange last month was a fun project and I have enjoyed stretching myself a little to complete it.

First hurdle was to find the time (as always!), then decide what to add to my page. Once all the pages were in, I made covers for the book which were far too thick so remade them last night. Today was the biggest challenge of all - Shrink Plastic. In the past I have tried this and ended up almost throwing my heat gun out the window as everything I made shrivelled up as its supposed to, but would not unshrivel again, grrr.

But today it all went right, although I cant overcome something without it going a little wrong! I dont have any printable plastic so printed off the names I wanted using Snap font, traced the names onto the plastic and then coloured them using my new Promarkers. I guessed they might bleed a little so allowed for them spreading and it was all looking good. It was only once I had them shrunk that I realised I should have printed the names backwards so they showed through the nice shiny side rather than be on the frosted side. Oh well , you live and learn :-)
I'm still undecided about the book rings I have used to bind the book. I have used 3.5cm rings (biggest I had) but the pages are still difficult to open. I have ordered some ball chains which I had hoped would have arrived by now. I'll try the book with them instead to see if it looks any better, then finish adding the ribbons. But the plastic charms look great!

See you in Craftland :-)