Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crafty juices are flowing

Last night I prepped some photos for a friends mini scrapbook. I'd shown her one of my 12x12 albums and although she was keen to have a go, she seemed daunted by the size of the pages, so thought I would surprise her with a smaller one. I have a few 6x6 albums from an old QVC order a couple years back, so chose one to give to her. After raiding Facebook for photos of her, I was all set to go. This morning, I made up the first page barring a couple of little elements which will take moments to finish. I have an idea for about 4 other pages so hoping to get them done before I see her Tuesday night. Cant wait to see her face!

This morning I arranged with dad to go sit with mum while he went out. I knew I'd be there 3-4 hours and after telling mum about the mini album, she remembered she has one of those albums too. It was the perfect way to re-introduce mum to crafting. She has found this time round (after her 2nd session of chemo) that she has had trouble concentrating on much at all. We got a few items out and after a fun hour looking through old photos, we chose a couple of photos to scrap. Mum was a bit shaky so I did the fiddly bits, but it was mum who chose the colours and actually stuck things down.

I'm very proud of her for trying when I know a couple of times her concentration wavered. Dad was pleased too when he got home as he has worried about her just sitting doing nothing.

Happy crafting

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