Monday, 25 July 2011

Jennys Album

This has got to be some kind of record for me - two posts in as many days!!

Its been fun putting together 6x6 pages. They are so small it takes no time at all

I only hope that after seeing these that Jenny gets the bug and has a go. I find scrapbooking very rewarding and its a great stress beater. 

This was Jenny on Southend pier recently

Jenny loves her garden

Jenny talks about her sons quite a lot, so thought it nice to add a pic of them

A family gathering with Jenny in the middle

Jenny and I both belong to Slimming World. She joined about the time I was reaching my goal weight back in 2005, I then left the group, lost contact with Jenny until much later when she started popping into the library and we'd see each other. Finally after I gained all my weight back, I decided to rejoin SW and there was Jenny waiting for me with open arms! We've been close ever since and although she is at the end of her weight loss journey, she keeps going, so I have a slimming buddy :-)

Hopefully be back soon with more crafty pics!
See you in Craftland xxx

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