Monday, 18 July 2011

Storage and Scrapbook Pages

I've been looking after my daughters dog for the last couple of weekends, and finally managed to get a little bit of crafting done now she has gone home - first was my drawer storage. I bought 2 of these kits before Christmas and made one up for my neice Miriam, the other I put off until I felt the urge . . . which I did this last week!

I love daisies, so used my one and only sheet of them for the top and sides, then a paler daisy paper for the drawers. (Black paint covered the whole unit, then papered afterwards). Then I had the fun bit - deciding what to keep in it. I have had a lot of oddments laying about for some time so it wasnt a huge decision to make. My label maker was a quick way to show whats in each drawer. maybe one day I'll get around to making proper drawer front labels like I did on Miriams unit.


Today was scrapbooking day - after a trip to Lakeside. I went with my parents to show my mum the wig shop there, as she has found her wig is a little itchy in the warmer weather. She has accepted that her hair is going to fall out with the chemo she is having but wants to cover up for her own confidence. The shop was very expensive, so we looked at the scarves instead (even they were expensive, but I was determined she was going to take at least one home, so I paid). Mum now has a very classy deep blue turban and a funky multicoloured scarf . After I dropped them home, I was able to think about my fun afternoon.

First of all this months scrap challenge. I made use of my 12x12 templates for the first time and went with a beach theme as the photos were taken at Southend. My friend Jenny and I walked Southend Pier and back last Wednesday. Its the longest "pleasure" pier in the world. It was a windy day but we had a lot of fun and want to do it again in the future. This week has also been challenge week in my slimming club. This week we have been challenged to say No to food/drink temptations and see how much weight we can lose by doing that. Jenny and I took pictures of us shunning the vending machine half way along the pier. Theres a prize for the biggest list of "no's" but we are hoping my artist interpretation of the challenge will win us something!


The second page was also using the Southend photos, this time the pier itself. We decided to treat ourselves to a certificate to prove we walked the pier. I wanted a smaller version with both our names on it, so I scanned my certificate, used my Paint program on the pc to remove my name and the date, printed it off onto parchment type cream paper and then rewrote our names and the date again in my own handwriting. The black arrow has the word "Sarfend" in blue glittery letters and its finished off with blue paper flowers held on the page with brads. Its a bit late now to start a new page so thought I would blog a while and then watch a bit of tv til hubby gets home

Thats all for now, Happy Crafting

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