Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas is coming . . . .

I decided its no good moaning about the fact Christmas is creeping up on me, I needed ACTION! So pulled out all my yarns and patterns - I know they arent strictly PAPERcraft, but its a start :-)

I trawled YouTube last night looking for something in particular, watched the instruction video, and am now in process of making said item - from card/paper!

No photos yet, as part way constructed and I dont want recipient(s) seeing them before the big day, but I am pleased with result so far and am thinking of who else i can make this for!

Short one tonight as I want to get back to the knitting

See you in Craftland . . . . .

Friday, 4 November 2011

My new Promarker storage

I have a lot of Promarkers, but not enough to fill the dvd holder I had so looked around for another option. I saw exactly what I wanted at the card class a couple weeks ago. They said they had bought theirs in Hobbycraft, but it wasnt there when I looked so a search online was my next step. What a wonder Google is! Eventually found what I wanted on eBay and love that my Promarkers are more mobile!

Its a Prym click box system, the initial set of three boxes is around £15 and then you can add layers as you need them, they just click on at the bottom. Really need another couple layers so I can seperate some of the colours, but happy for now :-)

Today I am making the November swap for UKPC and also sorting out a layout for the November scrap challenge - busy little bee, so better get at it!

See you in Craftland . . . . .