Monday, 5 December 2011

Wow, its been a month!

Well, not quite sure where that month went. Its been a full and busy time with Christmas creeping ever closer and me getting into a real flap about it.

I've finally started my presents. Theres a few bought items and a LOT of hand crafted items, which are still in the planning stage! Then there are the cards . . . .

I think I have been slow in starting as its so cold in the spare room where my table is. Theres a rad but it doesnt work properly. One day we'll get it sorted I could always do what I did last year and get the halogen heater down for the loft!

Today has been a very crafty day I am pleased to say. I spent most of the day working on the swap tags for UKPC. We got the inspiration from Tim Holtz and his 12 Tags of Christmas, which some of us would love to do too - wonder if I set the alarm for an hour or two earlier in the morning I'd find the extra time?? I must tidy the room once I am finished for the day, I have bits and pieces all over the place. Nothing worse than wanting to make something and having to tidy up first!

A picture will be following soon, but I have been frustrated by not being able to find one element I wanted to add to the tags. Another peril of a messy work room! That one element means I cant get the tags ready for posting which is so annoying! I really wanted to get them on their way before I go away at the end of the week for a couple days. Hubby and I off to see Bath Christmas Market. It had better be an improvement on the Rochester one, what a waste of petrol getting there that was!

Oh well, the hunt continues . . .

Update: I went straight back and found the elements I was after so as promised - the photo

See you in Craft land :-)

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