Sunday, 23 January 2011

23rd January 2011

It must be a Colin month! I have now made two scrap pages relating to him. There was the Icicles page a couple days ago, and then last night I put together the front page of a baby album for him - and I dont even have the album yet! Better go see what they have at Pinnacles!

I'd actually sat down to have a trial run at the February challenge (UKPC) page, but it evolved into one for Colin. I dont try and analise it, I just go with the flow :o)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

22nd January 2011

Its been a yukky few days, very overcast and cold. At least it isnt snowing! I was feeling very angry yesterday about something, so bad it made my hands shake. I desperately wanting to do some crafting, but didnt dare in case I made a mess of things. Maybe I should keep some knitting closeby for these events? Anyway, later in the day I was calmer so came straight to my little oasis and started planning the scrap page I wanted to make. Its for the UKPC monthly challenge. I know what photos I wanted to use and after a bit of faffing came up with this design

It was fun making the snowflake. Its very sad that I had to look it up online how to make one, I'd forgotten! How lovely to get back to childhood just for a bit - I ended up with snips of paper everywhere but very pleased with end result. It really does look just like the flakes we had in last months snowstorms!

My theme revolved around the icicles hanging at the back of the house. One particularly long one was right above the back door and it was a bit worrying in case it came crashing down while someone was underneath. It didnt, it fell in the night a few days after I took the photos.

I also sat and drew out the February challenge as I offered to help Cassidy out on UKPC. She was doing all of them up til then, now there are three of us working on them so only 4 a year to do. Its given me a taste of scrapbooking again, so might just go do another one!

Monday, 17 January 2011

17th January 2011

Well, I promised myself I would add to this blog at least once a week. I was really hoping to add a piccie of some cards I made the other day, but I've loaded them onto the laptop upstairs and I am still working out the whole network and sharing files thing so for now the pics stay upstairs!

I had the urge to make some Christmas cards - yeah I know! After a mammoth task last month, you'd think I'd want to stay well away from them. I blame UKPC of course. Februarys card swap is based on a card made from recycling old cards . . . if you get my drift. I'd kept a few card fronts from the ones we recieved at Christmas, and used some of them to make new cards for next Christmas.

Then last night, Michelle turned up with bags full from her family, bless her. So now I have a whole bunch more to play with, I sorted them while watching Dancing on Ice. All I need now is a few days to myself. Its my nasty weekend where I work 5 days out of 6 with just Sunday off (well its off after I have been to church that is!). Roll on the end of this week.


Well, I just had a brainwave - I looked in the UKPC photo albums and found a pic of the cards I made, so now I can add them here! Geez, if I had a fully working brain, I would be dangerous

So here are my creations - I kinda cheated, the two Smirk style cards (Santa in his sleigh and the bottom right card) were ones I had made the boys for Christmas. All I've done is removed the insert and will add a new one and hey presto, new card for someone next year! The top left one I stamped a Christmassy vine as a background to add a touch of colour. Gosh its been an AGE since I did any rubber stamping and I really need to get back into it! I think it was because it was a new stamp, but I did struggle a little at first.

Next stop my new Clarity stamps!

Monday, 10 January 2011

10th January 2011

Its been a rough start to 2011 with a relapse of my coughing, this time included is nausea and stomach pains. Its stopped me in the first week from doing much and its still keeping me feeling tired, but I have managed to start crafting again.

First project of 2011 was the January Swap for UKPC (UK Papercrafters on yahoo groups). We sign up to swap each month and this months theme was a DoCrafts sketch.

I turned the sketch round a bit and made it a square. As it was January, I made the theme NeW Year which another group member did as well (she sent to me). In fact our cards had a few things in common. She drew a straight border round the edge of  her card, whereas mine has a squiggly border. She'd rotated the sketch like I did and hers had the new year theme as I mentioned.

Next job - there are two projects I would like to do next. The January Scrap Challenge involves a photo of this winters snow. There are two lovely examples on the UKPC site already. I havent decided which of the photos I took I will use as yet, thinking about Colins giant icicle which endangered life every time you stepped out the back door (as it was right above you!) The other project is to use my brayer. I have had it for quite a few years and a lot of them its been packed away in a box. I am a huge fan of Barbara Grey and she inspired me so much in her latest show on CnC that I just had to have some of her stamps. I found my brayer and thankfully its the one she uses, I bought myself some baby wipes today and I have my ink pads standing by. Hopefully once all the items arrive from the various sources I ordered them from I'll feel inclined to make something - you can get a lot of Clarity stash from Joanna Sheens site and theres no p&p!

Monday, 3 January 2011

3rd January 2011

A Little Better Than The Rest . . . . . .

Thinking back on the best part of the whole holiday season has to be that 15 minutes I had to myself on Christmas Day. the boys were upstairs, Steve was pottering about somewhere and mum and dad had yet to arrive. Dinner was well on the way and I had the chance to sit. Its never happened before as far as I can remember and it was true bliss! It was also very much needed having been ill with a nasty cough for the week previous.

I miss my crafting. I havent made anything since before Christmas and although I have had opportunity to do so, its been so cold I havent wanted to go to the spare room and set up. The cough I have had for the last two weeks is irritated by extremes of temperature.

However today, I bought a new laptop so just maybe I will feel more like going upstairs as I can have craft tv on via the laptop!

2nd January 2011

A Childlike Innocence . . . . . . .

Today is all about looking back on how you feel about Christmas. I am truly able to get back a little of my childhood at Christmas, its one of the few times I can relax and let myself go. The excitement of having presents wrapped for others makes way for the excitement of opening presents with my name on them. I have never been one of those awful adults who feel their gifts, I just want to rip the paper off and see whats underneath!

The good feeling that always seems to accompany Christmas is a constant surprise to me. The cynicsm of the world at large seems to fade away and people seem a lot happier and more patient. Obviously you get the stress heads but on the whole its a pleasure to be around people over the Christmas period - why cant it be that way all the time??

1st January 2011

A new beginning . . . .


I only have one thing I promise myself this year and that is to spend more me time doing what I love most - crafting. I have a new craft area now in the spare room and although theres not a lot of room to move right now, once the cupboard is knocked out there'll be room for a chair at the table too. I have a massive job ahead of me, organising all the crafting supplies into easily accessable areas and also labelling so I know what box has what in it. Ikea has come to the rescue again with some new boxes to keep things in.

Today started slowly as I came to the surface of sleep gradually. Although I got home in good time last night, I started watching tv and ended up falling alseep on the settee, waking at 4am to stagger up to my bed. The cold sheets woke me a little so I read for a while. I have a vague memory of hearing someone switch off the lamp, and I know it was Steve as he was the only one home when I got up this morning. Who knows what happened to the book and glasses I had on the bed last night!

I sat and watched Creat & Craft tv which as a crafter was a very good way to start 2011! Although they were advertising something which part of my brain was saying I really really wanted, while the sensible side was reminding me I have plenty of goodies to be getting on with after my trip to The Range on Thursday.

Today I will eventually get dressed (its 11.30am) and then go make my first card of the year - the January swap for UKPC

Saturday, 1 January 2011

31st December 2010

What are you doing New Years Eve . . . .

Part of me wanted to stay home alone and craft, watch tv or a film. Part of me wanted to go to Jan & Daves for a get together with friends. I'd already said yes to their invitation and so I foirced myself to go. Once there I knew I would be fine. Steve was on night shift, the boys out celebrating.

It was a great surprise when  I saw Brian & Mandy there as I'd heard mandy hadnt been well with the flu. That cheered me straight away, and as the evening passed, i was very glad I had gone.  We just sat chatting and laughing - nothing crazy - and it was a lovely evening. As midnight drew near, we all had drinks to the ready (have you ever toasted with a glass of water before??). The chimes of Big Ben on the radio made us all cheer and laugh when we had to cheer at the first "bong" as well as the last as none of us were 100% which one heralded 12 o'clock. I'm thinking its the first as thats when the fireworks start.

At 12.30 I decided to leave as I was driving home to an empty house. Mum and dad left at the same time. Saying goodbyes took a while and during that time I was told something that really touched my heart. Jan & Dave still go to Britannia and they introduced some friends Mel & Keith, who I found I liked straight away. Keith asked me about shows I might be attending this year so I told him I no longer did re-enactment. That saddened him and he told me it was me who truly made him feel welcome in the group. On his first day everyone had been friendly enough but it was me who made him feel welcome just by tweaking his waist as I walked by while in the arena. It was that moment of silliness that has stuck with him ever since. Thats really made me feel good especially after the nastiness of my last time at Britannia, so I am very grateful to Keith for sharing that with me. Its given me a really good way to start the year
Happy 2011

27th - 30th December 2010

Summing up, looking back and wondering whats to come . . . .

As the week flew by I thought it best to do a short catch up. Not much happened this week beyond shopping, chatting and generally slobbing about. The highlight of the week has to be visiting Leanne & Johns place for a slap up meal and afternoon of fun. Leanne made the most delicious roast beef meal I think I have ever tasted. The meat was tender and melted in the mouth, the potatoes, carrots and parsnips roasted to perfection. Leanne is a veggie and doesnt really like handling meat, but she made this incredible meal despite not knowing how it was going to taste. She always used to claim she couldnt cook, well, maybe that gene kicked in the day she got married because I cant cook like her!

The afternoon was spent playing Scrabble and then dad and John played a few card games while the rest of us relaxed. Well all except Leanne who spent far too much time dashing about making sure we were all comfortable, bless her.

It was a sad moment when we all had to go home. Its always after 10pm as we say we want a free trip home through the Dartford tunnel! It was made easier as we had planned on meeting up at Lakeside the following morning.

26th December 2010

The calm after the storm . . . . . ?

No way is Boxing Day ever calm! Its as big a day for my family as Christmas Day with more family arriving. this year we had Leanne & John arrive too after spending Christmas Day with Johns family, and with phoebe in tow as well, it was manic with Phoebe dashing round the garden as soon as she arrived, then wanting to chase Whiskey upstairs! Whiskey wisely stayed hidden under various beds depending on how brave he was to actually move

Boxing Day consists of present opening on a grand scale, the buffet, games. Its a manic day from start to finish. I am preparing food from the start with stops for welcoming guests as they arrive. Once everyone has arrived, everything stops while presents are exchanged (and no matter how much we promise not to spend too much, the amount never dwindles!). Then its food and drink, chat and games if theres time.


25th December 2010

Everything leads to this ......

Finally finally the big day has arrived. I have been very remiss and not added anything to this blog since Christmas Eve, but then I have had family around and its been impossible to get pc time!

Christmas Day dawned and as I was still coughing and spluttering I decided to stay home and miss the one meeting I look forward to - the carol service at church. Its the first one I have missed in years and I was upset to do so. Although at the same time, I was releived as I found I was doing everything slower feeling so short of breath.

Christmas dinner preparation flowed and everything was ready ahead of time so I was able to sit and enjoy a moments peace before parents arrived.

A relaxing day all in all, mum and dad, the boys and Steve and I for dinner with the boys visiting friends in the afternoon and Steves dad visiting for a couple hours.

Now Boxing Day was another matter . . . .