Sunday, 20 February 2011

20th February 2011

You can always tell when I am off work a few days - I do more crafting! I think this is behind my decision to reduce my hours at work. I like being home, and although I know I do waste a lot of time (I blame the iTouch!), it also allows me to have a life beyond the craft table!

So what have I been up to in the last two days? Well, its Colins birthday on Thursday  so a card was needed. At this time of year I am usually still getting over the Christmas craft-out. But having had a few Christmas cards in hand, there wasnt the usual mad panic in the last week or so to get a mountain of them made. This year should be even better as I plan on using my Rudolph Days wisely (every 25th of the month) and have a good stock built up by the end of November. That way I can concentrate on making pressies in December!

OK so on with Colins card. I dont like to give him soppy ones. Not sure he's appreciate that, so I kept it light and used a Papermania decoupage set of papers that had been free with a goodie bag called "Mans World". Then I wanted a special card, so ended up making a double stepper one. I'm not a great lover of decoupage itself but dont mind layering a bit - I even remembered to bevel the teeshirts to give them a bit of dimension! Originally the card didnt have any peel off borders, but I felt it needed a little extra and they work a treat.

I also had a birthday card to make for the UKPC group leader BJ. I'd already forgotten to post her a card so wanted something a little bit special. Its been many years since I made a rubber stamped card (oh I've done backgrounds on cards, but this was to be the focal point on the card). I bought a lovely stamp last week at the craft show and wanted to use it straight away, so BJ was the first!

I enjoyed colouring it in and even remembered the bit of advice I had heard on CnC to just dot tiny areas with the Promarkers so you dont go over the lines! Its worked out lovely and today when I went to add the verse to get it posted later, I thought it might look better with a bit of glitter so dug out the Stickles.

A great afternoon :o)

Friday, 18 February 2011

18th February 2011

I finally finished my Feb Scrap Challenge today. I'd started work on it a week or so ago, but felt I didnt know enough about distressing to make a decent job of it. Then I heard about a Stitch & Craft Show at Braintree so decided to go in the hopes I might get a few bargains.

Little did I know, I'd get a one-to-one lesson on distressing and also resist technique (dont know the proper name for it). I was so pleased! I spoke to the lady demonstrator and explained my dilema and she knew staright away what my problem was. Today I put her advice into practise and lo and behold, it all went right! You can still see the mistakes I made at first, but my new skills were able to cover up the worst of them.

I need to finish it off properly, still got a bit of journalling to do, but pleased with how it turned out. Its a lovely pic of Steves mum and I used my new alphabet Cricut cartridge for her name.

The flowers worked well I thought as they picked up the browns and beiges in the photo - its not quite sepia, not quite black & white.

My old wavy cutter came in very handy. I got that at the last craft show I went to a few years back, and its the best £22 I've ever spent craft-wise

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

9th February 2011

Love is in the air!

Valentines Day looms and for once I am on the case and already made my card for Steve. I'd actually sat down to make my scrap page for February ~ and ended up with a card instead. After I made it, I remembered I had a lovely card in my card stash which I'd intended giving to Steve . . . . oh well theres always next year!

I had seen a card on craft tv which inspired me, altered it to suit what I wanted and off I went. As usual my lettering is slightly off but I doubt Steve will notice (and if he did he would never say anything!)

Maybe I'll get the chance to make up my scrap page tomorrow? Last day before my work weekend arrives . . . .

I've been going through my craft excess and selling quite a bit on ebay. I've become quite obsessed and spend ages listing items (I'm not very fast). But the good news is there are plenty of people out there after a bargain and as most of my items are starting at 99p or less I have had a fair bit of interest. Its been a great help not having to go to the post office as well, I just log on the Royal Mail site and print off my postage labels, so easy!