Monday, 22 October 2012

Crafty Moments

Well, life has been hectic over the last couple of months. I spend much of my time with my dad, helping him to adjust to his new life. As the weeks have passed, I have come to realise, I cant go on spending all my spare time with him no matter how much I want to. I miss my home life, I miss my crafty time, I miss my mum. So we've agreed (and it was him who brought it up first) that I have some time at home. Wont happen this week even though my sister is visiting dad - we have a packed schedule for the week, so maybe next week I can settle and do something crafty just for me. Having my neice staying for the week means my craft area is out of bounds, but hey-ho its only a week!!

I have however managed a couple of cards

First a birthday card for a dear friend . . . 

. . . . then a week later another dear friend!

. . . then theres my dads birthday last week

and finally, just a small portion of the crafty goodness thats come through my door. I also have a couple of new embossing folders and some glitter paper for a Christmas project.

So, hoping to get back to Craftland soon . . . . .

Saturday, 29 September 2012

In memory of mum . . .

Before I move on finally to other crafty things, I wanted to add this one thing to my blog. I've already put it on Face Book tonight.

Mum, you will never be forgotten


Friday, 21 September 2012

Sad news . .

Love you mum RIP ♥

This has got to be the hardest project I have ever done. Dad asked me to make the Order of Service for my mums funeral this week. It was all very sudden and its taken us all by surprise.  


Monday, 6 August 2012

Blogs and buses

Just like buses, you wait for an update on my blog for ages and then two come along at once!

Thought I would add a pic of my youngest sons birthday card (from the end of May). I wanted to have a car theme as he had just finished his final year of college classes in motor mechanics. I kept the cover simple and used a very old stencil for the pop-up inside. Then a quick play with some peel offs and bobs your uncle :-) Sam loved it, thats the main thing

Off to craftland again . . . well to the tv for more Olympics anyway!!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Back at last

Phew, thought I had gone off the boil completely. Its been a busy summer, mostly with non crafty stuff clouding the horizon. Its all too depressing to go through again, suffice it to say I need some GOOD news!!!!

I have made a few cards over the last couple weeks, but sadly forgot to take photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it! BUT this week I finished my July swap for UKPC. It was a mini canvas with the theme SUMMER. After a lot of thought and completely changing my mind many times, I ended up with a yellow/green theme which I thought summed up the short moment of summer we had last month just before the Olympics started.

I used some rubber stamps I have in my stash adding a touch of colour here and there with Promarkers. A few splodges of Stickles glitter, some gems to form flowers and a dimensional butterfly and voila! . . .
Luckily it was going to a fellow member in the same town I live in, so it was hand delivered this morning. Glad to say I wont be the last one finished and posted for once ;-)

Another reason I have been away from my craft table is because we have been redecorating the downstairs of my house. Consequently all my things from my china display cabinet are stored away in the spare room - in front of my crafting supplies. We still have the floors to go, so for now it will remain cluttered in the spare room as our decorater/tiler is on his hols.

Actually, we have had one piece of good news this year - my daughter has announced after years of saying she wouldnt have children that she is pregnant! Of course we are thrilled with the news, and at least we will get to see this child (our grandson of 8 months is estranged to us thanks to his mother). Leanne is due in early December so I have been doing the grandmotherly thing and knitting up a storm making baby clothes!

The lacy looking matinee jacket on the far right was knitted using the same pattern I used for an identical one I made for Leanne! The little doggie was from a free kit I had with a knitting magazine. Everything has to be unisex as Leanne has decided she doesnt want to know if its a boy or a girl until he/she is born :-)

Ko xxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What a whirlwind week . . .

. . . I have had with my Australian cousins coming to visit. I haven't seen Debbie since I was 14 (many MANY years ago) and it was great to catch up! To commemorate her visit, I made a Keepsake Book using the Kanban kit mentioned in my last post.

The book was made from those plain brown sandwich bags you can get with the handles. I used three bags. I cut off the handles and covered the bags front and back with card - using red white and blue. Then layered each side and added embellishments .

Once I had decorated the bags, I punched holes for the book rings and then covered the rings with red white and blue ribbons, adding a small metal charm to the top ring with 'Bon Voyage' on it. I finished each bag with a velcro dot to keep the bags closed.

I presented the book to Debbie on her arrival saying she could keep little momentos of her trip as she went along , which she did, even down to keeping a wooden fork from when she ate chips on the seafront!

The book was great fun to make and I intend making more like it in the future.

Next this month is my sons birthday and then in June I have a few so hopefully will be able to add pics when they are done. Its been difficult recently to get any crafting done as I have been busy preparing for the visit. I also had my sister and neice staying which meant my craft space was a no go area as its in the spare room!!

More later from Craftland . . .

Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Blogger!

Ooh, what happened to blogger while I havent been around? New FB layut and now new format on blog too.

Been busy sorting through my crafty area and now ready to add some fun stuff. Recently bought the great Kanban 4 day deal off CnC - watch this space!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

. . . . still stuck in that black hole . . .

Well, a whole month goes by. I thought once my new hours at work arrived (4 hours less every week) I'd have time to pop in and leave a few pics of what I'd been up to. Easter put paid to much crafty work as my lovely neice Mimsie stayed in the spare room (my craft area!). However I did manage a few bits and bobs.

My first has to be my work of art. I was pretty good at art at school apart from any form of painting. For some reason I could not get the colours right. Do remember drawing a boat in a heavy swell and just used white to emphasise the spray from the waves. My art teacher kept that to one side I noticed when I left the room. Anyway, last week I was admiring the work of my son-in-law - who is an artist. I was bemoaning the lack of ability with colour, even struggle with my Promarkers!

John said he could show me how to recreate a painting he has just finished and before I knew it, he had both easils set up and me and my sister sat and had an art lesson! A few hours later . . .

I was thrilled that John was able to help me acheive this. He has promised me a lesson in watercolour next time (this was acrylics)

The other thing I was proud of this month has to be my sisters silver wedding anniversary card. I love art deco and have been wanting to make something special for a while. Thanks to the Glitter Girls and their art deco bookatrix board I was able to make a lovely card for Lorraine and Paul.

Happy Anniversary sis!!

Now wheres that ladder hiding so I can get out of this hole and actually do some crafting . . . . see you in craftland

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Oops I fell into a crafty black hole . . .

Life has just been too busy of late and although I have done some crafting, there have been way too many days when I did nothing.

So quick catch up:

January - UKPC swap card for January involved teabag folding, not my favourite technique but a good challenge to start the year. After a few mini lessons with myself to remind me of how to do it, I came up with . . . .

The February swap brought stamping. I do enjoy this but sometimes struggle to find the right ink pad to use. I still get very confused between archival ink and the other type! Will have to print off some instructions, but in the meantime, I had a play and did this . . .

March swapping was Birdies of any kind. I'd seen the card I made on the Docrafts site a while back and decided I wanted to use it for some of my Christmas cards. I bought the Paisley dies to cut the shapes (love die cutting) and had fun adding the layered background . . . the bit I wasnt so keen on was the sewing on of the bell on the larger Robins hat - I hate hand sewing!!

My scrap challenges havent been quite so prolific - I have only managed two pages so far.

The first was a page dedicated to my lovely new grandson. He was born just after Christmas and since then I have only seen him a couple of times. The mum, now my sons ex has said I wont be allowed to see little Tobey unless my son is nice to her (meaning he moves back in) but as she attacked him with a metal bar last year, and has made his life a misery even when he said he'd try again, I doubt I'll see much of him. So for now I grab the chance to look at the odd photo my son can get to see how he is growing and hope that she has a change of heart . . .

The next page I did was a theme I copied from BJ (UKPC founder). Its a trip into fantasy with my idea of Eye Candy! The celebrities I chose are:
Sean Bean, Bear Grylls, Richard Armitage, Steven Moyer and Brian Cox (he was my nod at intellect, the others were pure rough!!)

Birthdays and Valentines Day have been and gone and so far I've made three cards -

a Valentines for my hubby . . . .

BJs birthday card - a swing card . . . .

and finally Colins birthday card . . he is an engineer hence all the cogs!

As of 1 April my hours are dropping at work, so hopefully tyhat means 4 more hours per week to craft - we'll see!

See you on craftland . . . .

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sad news . . .

Yesterday I heard that a long standing friend on UKPC passed away suddenly last weekend. It was a huge shock and a blow to all of us and she will be sorely missed. I've included a couple photos of the last thing she sent to me, which will be treasured as a lasting memory of her and her creativity