Saturday, 14 April 2012

. . . . still stuck in that black hole . . .

Well, a whole month goes by. I thought once my new hours at work arrived (4 hours less every week) I'd have time to pop in and leave a few pics of what I'd been up to. Easter put paid to much crafty work as my lovely neice Mimsie stayed in the spare room (my craft area!). However I did manage a few bits and bobs.

My first has to be my work of art. I was pretty good at art at school apart from any form of painting. For some reason I could not get the colours right. Do remember drawing a boat in a heavy swell and just used white to emphasise the spray from the waves. My art teacher kept that to one side I noticed when I left the room. Anyway, last week I was admiring the work of my son-in-law - who is an artist. I was bemoaning the lack of ability with colour, even struggle with my Promarkers!

John said he could show me how to recreate a painting he has just finished and before I knew it, he had both easils set up and me and my sister sat and had an art lesson! A few hours later . . .

I was thrilled that John was able to help me acheive this. He has promised me a lesson in watercolour next time (this was acrylics)

The other thing I was proud of this month has to be my sisters silver wedding anniversary card. I love art deco and have been wanting to make something special for a while. Thanks to the Glitter Girls and their art deco bookatrix board I was able to make a lovely card for Lorraine and Paul.

Happy Anniversary sis!!

Now wheres that ladder hiding so I can get out of this hole and actually do some crafting . . . . see you in craftland