Saturday, 14 April 2012

. . . . still stuck in that black hole . . .

Well, a whole month goes by. I thought once my new hours at work arrived (4 hours less every week) I'd have time to pop in and leave a few pics of what I'd been up to. Easter put paid to much crafty work as my lovely neice Mimsie stayed in the spare room (my craft area!). However I did manage a few bits and bobs.

My first has to be my work of art. I was pretty good at art at school apart from any form of painting. For some reason I could not get the colours right. Do remember drawing a boat in a heavy swell and just used white to emphasise the spray from the waves. My art teacher kept that to one side I noticed when I left the room. Anyway, last week I was admiring the work of my son-in-law - who is an artist. I was bemoaning the lack of ability with colour, even struggle with my Promarkers!

John said he could show me how to recreate a painting he has just finished and before I knew it, he had both easils set up and me and my sister sat and had an art lesson! A few hours later . . .

I was thrilled that John was able to help me acheive this. He has promised me a lesson in watercolour next time (this was acrylics)

The other thing I was proud of this month has to be my sisters silver wedding anniversary card. I love art deco and have been wanting to make something special for a while. Thanks to the Glitter Girls and their art deco bookatrix board I was able to make a lovely card for Lorraine and Paul.

Happy Anniversary sis!!

Now wheres that ladder hiding so I can get out of this hole and actually do some crafting . . . . see you in craftland


  1. Love the painting, and the Art Deco of which I am a big fan!
    Hope you found the ladder ;-))

  2. Hi Karen, just to say take a look at my blog as you'll find something of interest on there!!!
    Lovely work and I especially like your painting - makes me want to get into the garden!
    Don't forget to check my blog! Lindsay x

  3. Hi Karen,left a comment here a few days ago but it hasn't come up by the look of it....check out my blog as you have won the candy and need to claim it asap or it goes back in the hat again as it were! You just need to eamil me your details. Lindsay x Love the painting btw!