Monday, 6 August 2012

Blogs and buses

Just like buses, you wait for an update on my blog for ages and then two come along at once!

Thought I would add a pic of my youngest sons birthday card (from the end of May). I wanted to have a car theme as he had just finished his final year of college classes in motor mechanics. I kept the cover simple and used a very old stencil for the pop-up inside. Then a quick play with some peel offs and bobs your uncle :-) Sam loved it, thats the main thing

Off to craftland again . . . well to the tv for more Olympics anyway!!


  1. Wow- another from you so soon! I wouldn't know where to start to cut the card for this one! Most impressive and I'm not surprised your son liked it!
    Keep the posts coming please!

  2. Thanks Julia, I will do my best! Actually, I do have a little project on the go, its all hush hush for now, but when I can share I will
    K xxx

  3. Simples but very effective, like the colours, and the car cut out.


  4. Excellent card, subtle car cutout and shiny initial, just right. BJ