Friday, 21 September 2012

Sad news . .

Love you mum RIP ♥

This has got to be the hardest project I have ever done. Dad asked me to make the Order of Service for my mums funeral this week. It was all very sudden and its taken us all by surprise.  



  1. Just beautiful Karen and I think your Mum would be so proud.

    You have shown your love in a beautiful way.

  2. Beautiful, Karen, and, odd as it may seem to say this, I think your Mum would have approved of your work. The photographs are lovely. Elizabeth xx

  3. if I say it is so simple, don't be offended, the simplicity adds to the beauty and the sentiment behind it.

    love and hugs


  4. Thanks all. I like the simplicity of it too and dad thought it a wonderful tribute to mum, so thats all that mattered. Starting to feel a crafty itch so who knows - once I get some time at home, I might just go play . . .