Monday, 22 October 2012

Crafty Moments

Well, life has been hectic over the last couple of months. I spend much of my time with my dad, helping him to adjust to his new life. As the weeks have passed, I have come to realise, I cant go on spending all my spare time with him no matter how much I want to. I miss my home life, I miss my crafty time, I miss my mum. So we've agreed (and it was him who brought it up first) that I have some time at home. Wont happen this week even though my sister is visiting dad - we have a packed schedule for the week, so maybe next week I can settle and do something crafty just for me. Having my neice staying for the week means my craft area is out of bounds, but hey-ho its only a week!!

I have however managed a couple of cards

First a birthday card for a dear friend . . . 

. . . . then a week later another dear friend!

. . . then theres my dads birthday last week

and finally, just a small portion of the crafty goodness thats come through my door. I also have a couple of new embossing folders and some glitter paper for a Christmas project.

So, hoping to get back to Craftland soon . . . . .