Friday, 25 January 2013

January 2013

I thought as theres so little of January left that I really ought to get on here and blog something. I miss my crafty times a lot, theres always something to keep me from my table. Have to admit its the cold this month! Foolishly I chose the coldest room in the house to set up my craft table, roll on spring I say

The last few months havent been completely bereft of crafting, I did do a few Christmas cards and my son-in-laws birthday card. I've even crafted in January, but right now no photos to prove it! I sent my UKPC January swap off but forgot the photo so once the recipient receives it, I'll grab a copy of her photo from the group site

In the meantime:
This for my son-in-law. I used a kit from HunkyDory as a quick make. Their products are so lovely I find it hard to part with them!

This was the November swap on UKPC. I did enjoy this one, just love all things dotty/spotty and how could I leave out dear Pudsey with it being so close to Children in Need?

Of course theres one major event that happened recently - in December my daughter gave birth to a little boy. So now I have two grandsons . . . one I dont get to see and one I will be allowed to see

Being there at the birth was magical. Obviously I didnt like seeing my little girl in pain, but she was so brave and hardly made a sound. having had three cesareans with my own babies, watching my grandson being born was so special. this is him about 30 mins old. He is so adoreable I'm sure theres going to be lots of scrapping done this year!

So for now, I continue visiting my dad almost daily. Thats where all my crafting time goes. One day I'll feel able to leave him alone for a day or two beyond my work days. Maybe later in the year I'll be able to craft more and therefore keep up the blogging!

I'll visit craftland again very soon ;)


  1. Hi Karen, nice to see you posting again and hopefully you will find more time to craft now that the holidays are well behind us. The photo of you with your baby grandson is lovely. Elizabeth xx

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I've found I do feel more relaxed now Christmas is past. Heres to a productive 2013! xxx

  2. Hi Karen, good to see you here again with that beautiful little bundle. Hope to see more of your creations soon.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hi Julia, lovely to hear from you and thank you for your comment. Hope you're doing well, I've put Skype on dads pc so thinking I might Skype rather than visit once or twice so I can do a little more crafting - got a lot of baby photos already ;)

  4. Aww Karen, what a special time to share with your daughter at the birth of her son. Know what you mean about c-sections, hoping my future DIL will let me sit in - LOL. Awww BJ

    1. Thanks BJ, it made up for that feeling of having missed out all these years :)