Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fun with shaving foam

I'd seen a few blog posts highlighting this technique but it was UKPCs latest swap that made me have a go for myself. Who knew it would be so much fun! I collected all my "ingredients" - a tray for the foam; my very old Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists (bought on a whim from CnC many years ago); plastic ruler and old pen; card stock and photo paper; kitchen towel for the mess and finally . . . stole DHs shaving foam from his cupboard in the bathroom - he'll never know!!

First attempt, I opened the Glimmer Mists and poured small puddles into the foam, then swirled them round a bit. I used basic card stock for this one and the result was quite bright. I have to admit I was sceptical it would work, so pleasantly surprised

My next attempt was by spraying the Mists from about an inch or so away from the surface of the foam and then swirling again as before. This time I used photo paper and it created a much more subtle effect. I have some lovely little chipboard labels bought in New York back in December so grabbed three of them to see if it would work on them - it did! I wanted to try it on some labels (thinking Timmy Holtz style) but cant rememeber where I stashed them - oh well next time.

I've made my card for the swap, but hanging on til the weekend as I want to see if I can get a small extra element for the card. I'll add a photo of it once I know the recipient has it, dont want to spoil the surprise ;)

All for now folks!


  1. Looks like you had some fun there Karen, did DH notice his shaving foam missing? BJ

    1. Lol, no he didn't BJ! I did own up . . . and bought my own tin of foam for next time ;)