Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Just quickly catching up with the year so far. Been far too busy travelling for part of it to be able to come online much but did manage a few cards. More on that at a later date, for now my swap cards for UKPC this year

 January theme - RIBBONS
February theme - FLAT CARDS, had to do a Valentines card didnt I!!

 March theme - BOOK PAPER

I missed April

May theme - INDIGO BLUE

June theme - MUSIC, I made a pack of notelets
July theme - FOOD

August theme - WILDLIFE

Just to end 2013

Final catch up with 2013 creations below:

Tag for our Sept swap (UKPC)

Monday, 10 February 2014

November 2013

Two 50th birthday cards this month. My sister and her hubby have birthdays just three days apart and they were born in the same year! Dad, Steve and i clubbed together to give them a day out together once the weather improves. I wanted to do something special for Lorraine so ended up with this . . .

I was pretty pleased with how the card turned out, and Lorraine was sobbing on the phone when she called to thank me so I know she liked it too ;)

My brother-in-laws card

And finally - the November Swap card - New Home - as one of our group was moving house!

October 2013

I was pretty busy in October. A few birthday cards, a Swap and an ethnic wedding card.

The birthdays were dad, Steves dad, Miriam (my neice), Jenny, Suzanne. I might have to try and add some later as again, I think some are stored on laptop.

Heres the rest . . .

Ethnic Wedding

Ethnic Wedding

Suzannes Leaving card from her Tuesday night group

October Swap - a zigzag

October Swap

September 2013

Although this is hubbys birthday month, I dont seem to have a copy of his card. maybe on the laptop which I keep by the craft table. Can always come back and add later I guess - if Blogger allows.

I actually made some Christmas cards this month! Its a start at least. Actually theres a birthday card in that lot. The card with the bakers twine is my nephews birthday card. I made that early as it had to go to America. The zigzag Christmas card at the back was also for John. That was going in his Christmas parcel. The rest were just general use cards

August 2013

The Swap for UKPC this month was a Baby card. Think it was something to do with a certain Royal baby having been born in July ;) This time I was sending to BJ. Thought a bright yellow would cheer us up (must have been a wet month as usual!!)

July 2013

July - again just one card. The UKPC swap (again I was swapping with Jenny!). I cannot remember the theme for this one :/

June 2013

I really dont know whats going on with Blogger. I'm finding it difficult to add anything. looking at the "help" I see I'm not alone but theres no help there other than a suggestion to tab down from the Title area. I cant go back later and edit, so any spelling mistakes I miss will have to stay

So June 2013

Leannes birthday card was about the sum total of card making for me

Catching up with 2013 - heres May!