Monday, 10 February 2014

November 2013

Two 50th birthday cards this month. My sister and her hubby have birthdays just three days apart and they were born in the same year! Dad, Steve and i clubbed together to give them a day out together once the weather improves. I wanted to do something special for Lorraine so ended up with this . . .

I was pretty pleased with how the card turned out, and Lorraine was sobbing on the phone when she called to thank me so I know she liked it too ;)

My brother-in-laws card

And finally - the November Swap card - New Home - as one of our group was moving house!


  1. Stunning deco card Karen...Love it!!

    1. Thanks Jan. Lorraine got asked by all her visitors where I got the card from! Right now its one of a kind but its my dads 80th in Oct so you never know . . .

  2. Brilliant Karen!!!! Anne x

  3. Fab cards, nice to see you blogging again. xx

  4. Hi Karen, lovely cards. Hope you get to grips with Blogger soon - I find that it does take a hissy fit now and again, I leave it alone for a while - as you would anybody who's not in a good mood, and return later to find it has usually sorted itself out. Hugs, Elizabeth xx