Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Just quickly catching up with the year so far. Been far too busy travelling for part of it to be able to come online much but did manage a few cards. More on that at a later date, for now my swap cards for UKPC this year

 January theme - RIBBONS
February theme - FLAT CARDS, had to do a Valentines card didnt I!!

 March theme - BOOK PAPER

I missed April

May theme - INDIGO BLUE

June theme - MUSIC, I made a pack of notelets
July theme - FOOD

August theme - WILDLIFE


  1. Hi Karen, a lovely showcase. Hope you get to find time for more crafting now that summer is almost over. Elizabeth xx

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, it was a bit of a rush job as I was supposed to be getting ready to go out! I'm slowly getting more time to myself which is nice and I'm hopeful a few scrap pages might appear in next few months =)

  2. Great to see all your swaps together. BJ