Wednesday, 8 February 2017

a Blog Reborn

Hello again. Its been a few years since I wrote anything here and now I seem to have my life back on a semi even keel (for a while at least!) I thought it about time I got back to blogging. Its been a long time since I used a proper keyboard, having become a huge fan of my android tablet. But its broken, so back to my faithful old laptop 😉

So .... whats been happening in the last two and a half years? I've become a grandmother again, so now have three little ones to adore. My oldest grandson is now 5 and at school (my goodness where has the time gone?), My younger grandson is 4 and his little sister is 2. I still see dad a lot, although my wonderful son Sam has taken over the shopping runs with dad to give me extra time at home, bless him.

So onto crafting. Well not much has happened. A few swap cards with UKPC but other than that its been a bit of a no go. The room I use became a dumping ground where eventually, you couldn't even get into the room! Finally, I felt the urge to create earlier this year, so cleared space- still have some tidying to do but can easily reach the craft table now.

I wont go back and find photos of the old cards. New year and all that so here are a few of my latest creations. You may notice the logo on them. Brand new. I feel ready to take this crafting lark a little further so we'll see how the year pans out ...

These cards were make using Tattered Lace supplies. I bought a magazine and it came with a dvd case containing a cdrom to print papers and the dragonfly wings and a die to cut the intricate parts of the wings.

Loved the blue (of course, always been my favourite colour!). I used Glossy Accents to emphasise the body, added peel offs and bobs your uncle!

I actually sold one of these card last week. My hairdresser was enchanted by them and asked to buy one. I was so excited that I'd actually sold a card, it put me in mind to try and sell more.

This was my first attempt using a Stampin Up! die & stamp bundle. Called Swirly Bird and Swirly Scribbles. I haven't stamped in donkeys years so this was an adventure for me and I soon realised my old ink pads are RUBBISH!!!

 Finally, a Valentine card. For some reason I've made a bunch of these. I'll put the ones I don't use away for now. Made using some oold card stock and my new SU! Sunshine Wishes framelits

That's all for now, so .....

Happy Crafting!